CV Anthropology, Writer, Director, Consultant

July 31, 2012


Jeff Anderson
561 Rose Street,
Cambridge, MA, 02138 222-222-2222 



An individual with exemplary planning, prioritization and delegate skills; Very keen on detail and extremely organized; Ability to mentor staff productively; vast knowledge in human behavior and performance, media production and its different methods and techniques, philosophical systems and religions. 




Professional Experience:
Research and Evaluation Manager May 2000- Present
New York Museum of Natural History, Binghamton, NY

Wrote the monthly newspaper reporting recent research findings and discoveries around the world. Taught sociology and
history special courses.
Handled the central database of displays, relics and mountings, as well as their reference links with the other museums around the world.
Conducted research on different historical artifacts and findings based on a specific era or eon, and their importance in today's life and times.
Researched, collected, collated and analyzed data of every new entry display in the museum.
Analyzed and documented data on the development of humans linking to primates.
Planned and conducted methodological research on different behavioral patterns of humans attributed to different demographic factors such as race, class, age, gender and upbringing.

Director January 1995- May 2000
Harvard Business Center, Binghamton, NY

Spearheaded and organized discussion groups with planning officials addressing issues regarding land use and community plans such as transportation, conservation, residential, commercial, industrial, and community use. Initiated public meetings set forth by government officials, social scientists, lawyers, developers and special interest groups.
Designed, promoted, and administered planes and policies affecting housing, transportation, zoning, community facilities open to the public.
Worked with a group of volunteers to get the general public's opinion on the current issues by conducting surveys, impact studies and field investigations.
Gathered and analyzed data on economic, social, regulatory and physical factors affecting land use.
Coordinated with local consultants, architects and third party non-government organizations in the formulation of plans and infrastructure.
Assessed feasibility study results and recommended approval of proposals to the state government.
Anthropologist June 1988- January 1995
American-African Museum, Allentown, PA

Provided advice and consultation sessions to government agencies and private organizations and communities.
Proposed programs, plans and formulated policies geared toward improvement of inter-cultural communities.
Built database and customer relationship management systems to document and centralize individual and group community profiles.
Wrote articles and presented research studies related to concerns on demography, economy, health care, as well as social, political, linguistic, religious sects and organizations.
Conducted focus group discussions and interviews, consultation sessions and research studies. Improved data collection

1984 - 1988 Bachelor of Science in Anthropology
Northwestern University, IL

Planning and community organizational skills
Excellent English/Mexican verbal and written communication skills
Training and mentoring skills
Public relations, community building and management
Visual media production and deployment

Associations/Organizations :
American Association of Museums, Member
American Anthropological Association, Member




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