Resume Art, Curatorial Research Assistant

August 6, 2012


Mitchell Reagan
1098 Warwick Road
East New Market
Maryland 21631
Telephone No: 410-943-0920
Email id:


Alabama State University,
Phoenix, Alabama

Bachelor of Arts
Major: Fine Arts
Graduation: May 2008
GPA: 3.45
Relevant Coursework:


  • European Art and Architecture
  • American Art History
  • Modern Art
  • Asian Art and History
  • European History

Relevant Experience:
Saint Merry
Natural History Museum, St. Merry Mississippi
Education Intern, Spring

  • Worked as acting Research Assistant for various grants from the Institute of
    Museum and Library Sciences
  • Developed object information guides and teaching suggestions for public use
  • Processed and modified membership data of museum

Historical Society, St. Merry, Mississippi
Curatorial and Collections
Fall 2005

  • Searched for label information and collected relevant archival display materials for "Our World in
    Miniature" exhibit
  • Modified and added new entries for automated cataloging system


  • Tutor peers in essay and paper writing and editing, Fall 2004-present
  • Prince Art Gallery, volunteer gallery attendant, Spring 2005-present
  • Independent research paper presented at Interdisciplinary Undergraduate
    Research Conference, 2007

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