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Resume Art, Education, Design

August 6, 2012


Charles Middleton
1098 south Main Street
Clarion, Iowa 50525
Telephone No: 515-532-0980
Email id:


ABC Institute of Art
and Design
, xyz, Ca, May 20XX
Bachelors in Art Education and Design
Art Education Major GPA: 3.45; Overall GPA: 3.32; Honor Society 20XX - 20XX


Study Abroad, University of England, England, London, Spring 20XX
Completed courses in Art
Design, Art History, Art Education, Art Composition


Relevant Experience:
XYZ, California, CA, Summer 20XX


  • Researched funding resources and prepared grant applications
  • Created mural along with affected families depicting aftermath of 911
  • Organized gala celebration and auction to increase funding opportunities

ABC, California, CA, Summer 20XX

  • Supervised pre-school groups in developing personal art scrapbooks
  • Aided children of ages between 5 to 8 in creative process using collection
    of Spanish paintings
  • Maintained and posted new exhibits online

Modern Art Museum,
California, CA, Summer 20XX

Tour Guide


Additional Experience:
ABC Institute of Art and Design, xyz,
CA, Spring 20XX
Student Art Competition



Volunteer Experience:
California Public Interest Group,
California, CA, Summer 20XX


Co-Curricular Activities: Paris Monthly Newsletter, Paris
Institute, Fall 20XX
Art Designer


Special Skills/Travel:



  • Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Access, PC and Mac, Internet.
  • Traveled to London, Barcelona, Paris, and Rome.
  • Proficient in written and spoken German.

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