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LLM Law, UK, Community Sports Leaders Award

March 23, 2012


With developments in information technology and biological sciences confronting the Law with unprecedented challenges, I think that now must be both and exciting and challenging time to study Law. The current world political scene and its effect on the worldwide development of human rights I find particularly interesting and along with ethical dilemmas over issues such as euthanasia, I think that Law would be a fascinating degree to study.

My chosen A-level subjects of History, English and Computing reflect my academic interests, particularly socio-linguistics and political history. Studying Business at AS Level improved my knowledge of organisations and the Business World. I am capable with computers and learned the fundamentals of programming myself, allowing me to further develop this ability at college in computing lessons. I enjoy original writing and creative work and in studying History I have been able to further develop my analytical skills and ability to form cogent arguments to support different viewpoints.

I am a keen sportsman, with my favourite sports being tennis, rugby and athletics. I play tennis at least once a week in the winter and almost everyday in the summer, belonging to two teams: my local village and my local town. I enjoy tennis squad training in which there is an emphasis on technique and style and have attended squad training for six years. I much prefer to play well and lose than to win whilst playing badly, because I get more enjoyment from pulling off a successful and well-executed shot than I do from looking at a statistic on a sheet.

In 2001 I undertook a work experience placement at a local Solicitor's firm which gave me some insight into some of the more ordinary and routine aspects to the Law and the work of a solicitor. I sat in on client consultations, had a go at drafting legal documents and visited both County and Magistrates courts.

Another example of paid work experience I have undertaken is with the National Trust's Accounts Department in Cornwall where I worked on a contract to help centralise the accounts on the computers at the National Trust's Head Office in Swindon.

I have a sense of social obligation, illustrated by my role in the organisation of a health conference for my year group which aimed to inform students on drugs, contraception and independent living; along with developing awareness of the law regarding sexual offences and encouraging empathy towards victims. I was involved in the eight-month planning process: discussing with various professionals what we would like to see covered in the workshops; writing questionnaires to get student input; producing posters to advertise it, and also helping to ensure that things ran smoothly on the day. I also participated in a paired-reading scheme in which I helped a younger student with reading difficulties to improve his reading age and ability, while I also put in many hours helping to run and umpire younger students' tennis matches in undertaking a. My involvement in these things developed my organisational and communication skills while I also felt some pride in the fact that I had done something really worthwhile.

I believe that I am an adaptable, articulate and well-rounded student with the necessary drive and application to thrive both academically and socially within a university environment.

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