International Security Studies Master's Degree

I have long been sensitive to the need for black male role models, and I have tried to become one. I find my greatest joy in my service as a member of United Methodist Men. We do various types of volunteer projects to assist the community, such as food drives, assisting the elderly and mentoring youth students. I have worked for the Federal Government in various capacities now for the last 20 years. In the beginning, I had a share in the maintenance of our nuclear weapon systems. After that, I moved into the area of intelligence. Next, I had the privilege of working with Congressional Liaison for the Air Force. There, I learned a great deal about how the Air Force thinks strategically by traveling with members of Congress around the globe looking at various projects. Currently working for Congress in the Office of the Parliamentarian, I have the opportunity to analyze travel-related legislation with respect to the impact that it has on our national security interests. With these experiences, I feel that I have developed an excellent background upon which to build in your highly esteemed program.

 Your program is ideal for me because I seek a most rigorous, full time immersion in the study of the complete range of analytical and operational aspects of our national security in the international context. I also think that your program will enhance my critical thinking and provide me with greater confidence in my writing abilities. I am also very much attracted to your non-classroom professional activities that promote networking and career advancement. Your accelerated program also has the flexibility that I am looking for.

 I hope to fill leadership positions in the future as a civilian employee working in interagency security coordination. Ten years from now, my ideal position would be with one of the intelligence agencies in the Washington, D.C. area working in some type of oversight or operational capacity. Working and traveling with members of congress, coupled with my work in the intelligence community, has provided me with a very high level of motivation to continue to serve the security interests of our country.

 I look forward to one day starting my own security-related business so that I can continue to serve the security community in a more independent fashion. I am intrigued with the enormity of the task of moving systems from one part of the world to the other, and the security concerns involved. It is here where I hope to make my mark as an entrepreneur. The other principal long term goal that I have is giving something back to the youth in my community. I hope to have a major share in providing them with the kinds of social, professional, and academic opportunities that I did not have when I was growing up. By serving as a positive role model, boys learn to respect the benefits and advantages of obtaining an education and making good use of it.

 I have traveled extensively over the last 12 years, having been to six of the seven continents and to more than 90 countries. Visiting mostly the major cities that serve as seats of government, for short stays of 3 – 4 days. I have profited greatly from this up-close look at so many different cultures and the different ways in which America relates to the world. Thus, I am especially attracted to the international emphasis of your program and I thank you for considering my application.

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