MA Masters Educational Leadership, Native American

For the past five years, I have dedicated myself to the education of teens as a credentialed and highly involved high school classroom teacher. This devotion, coupled with my refined approach to work even outside of the classroom has made me a successful teacher. While I have filled my time within and outside the classroom, giving students all that I am, I have been left wanting to do that much more.

Coupled with this is my disenchantment with an educational system that I believe can do more for the Native population. Turning onto the path of Educational Leadership is more than a logical choice, it is a natural one given my heritage, skill set, and drive. Indeed, I cannot go forward without remembering what it was like escaping to the reservation for summers with my grandparents. When parting at the end of each summer, I will never forget my grandmother's advice to me: Na' adinitaah', live up to your potential, a maxim that I have incorporated into every aspect of my life.

Equipped with a graduate degree in Educational Leadership from XXX State, my path to my potential and principal certification will be assured. The ideal principal position would involve utilizing my full-blooded Navajo heritage, serving a community that is predominantly Native American, influencing students as a guide, giving them the gift of insight into the common threads of values and beliefs of their own cultures. I anticipate empowering others to embrace their own heritages, shake off social conventions and embolden them to stare down prejudice in the name of pride for who they are. Pride in our heritage is not a case of being proud of what we were, the Native American remains, is alive and well, and is eager to give back. Moreover, as a Native American and a principal, I will be a positive role model for Native youth, an influential voice, helping alleviate Native issues, such as truancy, teen pregnancy, and illiteracy. It is my belief that current Native statistics do not equate to prophecy. Students always have a choice. It is up to the educational leadership to help guide those choices.

Entering into a course of study that focuses on the issues of Educational Leadership, Educational Policies, and possibly Educational Law will equip me with the requisite tools to be able to tackle the most fundamental problems in the American school system, going to the roots of problems that are literally tying the hands of many dedicated teachers.

As an educator, I recognize the need to work with not only students, but parents, as well, creating relationships that will aid in students success. Through the relationships and connections in the community I have developed as a teacher and volunteer, I have been exposed to a rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds, ever increasing my cultural competency.

XXX State's College of Education is my sole choice for scholastic development. My research into the College has left me all the more encouraged of a superlative education enhanced by a curriculum that is broad and autonomous. While most schools primarily consider academic achievements, I respectfully ask that my extensive volunteerism, a life that few have the energy to maintain, and the heart and mind that carries practical exposure to the cultures and traditions of numerous people into consideration.

My confidence in my expectations for an unparalleled experience with the College of Education is compounded by the promise of students having the ability to tailor the curriculum towards their requirements, such as the School Leadership strand. Coupled with this is the College's stellar list of alumni that naturally include professors, but also presidents of universities and school superintendents.

Thus far, I have steered myself in a direction that has broadened my life in ways that I had never imagined. Now, I look forward to the possibilities, the challenge and opportunity of my future with XXX State, with great eagerness. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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All of the samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.

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