FEMBA, Fully Employed, Technology

My rapidly developing understanding of technological developments, trends, and possibilities has resulted in my growing into a leadership position wit

h my present employer, XXXX Technology Inc. I work with cross-functional groups of engineers and technicians, taking the lead in our development of standard cell libraries—reusable, physical, and intellectual property—designing products and devices with increasingly low power consumption for our MCU32 division. I feel strongly that I have reached a plateau as a technology development manager working for a large corporation and I dream of still more engaging challenges combined with higher levels of independence as well as economic remuneration. This is why my heart is set on attending XXXX, because I see your program as the ideal launching pad for my career. I fully expect your cutting-edge FEMBA program to teach me everything that I need to learn for my career to fully take off. After completing your program in 3 years, I intend to leave my present position and join one of the world’s top consulting firms in the technology sector.

I am a very ambitious man, someone who believes in setting their sights very high. My philosophy, personally as well as professionally, is to set the bar very high; if one does not succeed to the full extent to which one dreams of success, at least one is left with the satisfaction of having given it all and gone as far as possible. This is why I am convinced that I will become an important and highly independent leader in the semiconductor industry, a mover and a shaker who rubs shoulders with some of the best minds driving the technological revolution. This is another good reason to attend the XXXX School since some of the most creative thinkers in the world pass through your doors and I hope to take full advantage of the opportunity to learn as much as I can from the world’s best and brightest. The people that I want to learn from flock to your academic powerhouse for the same reasons that I want to be there: intellectual stimulation. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind consideration of my application.

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