For as many applicants as possible, I draft the first part of your Statement completely free of charge to promote my service. More than half of these applicants decide to commission me to finish drafting the entire statement. This is how I support myself and my only child Davy Dylan, laying a little something aside for his future.

MA Masters TESOL, Saudi Arabia

March 1, 2012

Most students in my country, Saudi Arabia, fail to become sufficiently engaged learning as well as a student of English, has intrigued me for many years. Thus, I have become increasingly dedicated to pursuing a career as an ESL/EFL professional, researcher, and professor. I see your program at XXXX University as the finest in the world because of its creativity, state-of-the-art facilities, and it's charming diversity.

I am pleased to report that the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education has granted me a full scholarship for study abroad. I look forward to a full immersion in all of the basics of TESOL with advanced study in the most salient areas. I plan to thrive on CALL, interactive learning techniques, methodologies that engage the students hearts and minds and sustain their curiosity. I am certain that your university is the right place to improve my skills and introduce me to the most effective methods of teaching.

In addition to language and education, I enjoy swimming, soccer, reading and everything having to do with the Internet. I have always been involved in extracurricular sporting activities and I especially enjoy socializing with my peers and getting to know people from other cultures, enriching my own human experience. I have also done well in math and statistics as well as computer skills and English Language, and I keenly look forward to further developing my grasp of statistics in your program. I have been diligently studying Academic English at the University of XXXX since last March and I feel confident that my English skills will be such that I might excel in your program this coming September. I thank you for considering my application.

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Thats really great, You are very smart
I like your idea.Hope it works