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MA Masters Mathematics UK, Model Rockets

March 23, 2012

I love the challenge that Mathematics can provide. No other subject offers me the reward of total satisfaction in successfully tackling a problem that might have seemed insurmountable but is later discovered to have required only a different approach.

I have a real passion for learning and Mathematics is helping me to develop a more logical and systematic approach to study. The increasingly analytical approach is helping me in many ways not all of which, are science based.

I have chosen to study a degree in Mathematics because I take a keen interest in the subject at 'A' level, and I find Mathematics deals with the most fundamental concepts, which in turn helps me to understand more complicated parts of everyday life.

I have a particular interest in the Mechanics side of Mathematics, and I feel that my study of Mathematics 'AS' level helps with my understanding of this a great deal. I greatly enjoy the Mechanical side of Mathematics and achieved 100% in the AS Mechanics module. The Chemistry 'AS' level I am currently studying also helps with my grasp of nuclear Mathematics and understanding of many processes involved in Maths. The 'AS' level I have completed in Geography gives me a different view on the world in general, and I feel studying a less 'scientific' subject has also helped me to better understand people and society.

Outside College one of my main hobbies is Model Rocketry, in which I have designed and flown many models. This has greatly helped my understanding of many principles involved in Physics, and I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of designing and building something myself, often using concepts in the design that I have learned in Mathematics 'A' level.

I also completed one week's 'Work Experience' with Cumbria Constabulary, which taught me many skills, both dealing with people and organisation skills in the office. During this time I visited many departments, which showed me a wide range of workplaces and types of work.

I take an active part in school life, and was part of an engineering team that came 3rd in the Student Innovation Challenge 2001 Semi Finals. I also voluntarily help the younger year groups in Mathematics I am a keen Inline Skater and regularly practice, and also am the Webmaster of a site that teaches others about the sport. I have entered a number of regional competitions, and won several prizes. I enjoy the challenge of competition, and the sense of achievement at succeeding in the sport, and I feel that this helps me to relax and have a less strenuous side to life, being a sport based on imagination and individuality, rather than strict rules.

I have also been involved in the Scouting movement for the last 10 years, and being a member of the Scout Troop taught me many improvisation and problem solving skills, as well as working in a team to achieve a common objective. Helping to run the Scout Troop taught me to deal with younger people, and to organise activities and think of new ideas for things to do as a Troop.

I am looking forward to continuing to develop my great interest in Mathematics at university. I am currently looking at the diverse range of options that would be available to me employment-wise following a degree in this field.

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