MS Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, DNA, Saudi

I am writing on behalf of my application to study towards the master degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology because of my very favorable impression of your university, the thoroughgoing nature of your curriculum, infusing biotechnology with biochemistry and molecular biology, and the outstanding research accomplishments of the faculty in my areas of interest. I hope to enroll in your program for the Spring of 2015.

I feel that I have the potential to excel in your distinguished Masters Program in Biochemistry at XXXX University because of my dedication for research in Biochemistry, especially everything having to do with DNA. I very much want to study as a graduate student in your especially distinguished program because I see it as the best preparation for me to become a leading health care professional in my native country, Saudi Arabia, deeply involved in progressive movement towards improved health care based on advancements in our laboratories and research initiatives, always with a vigilant eye towards the most important issues of our day in public health.

I hope to distinguish myself through the course of a long and productive future in the study of various aspects of biochemistry in animals, plants, insects and microorganisms and to publish my findings. I intend to fully enjoy the rewards of a teaching career and vibrant participation in an academic community. At the center of my research interests lies DNA and all related issues. This is why I chose to volunteer as a DNA extractor.

Another reason why I am confident that I will be able to excel in Biochemistry at XXU is my extensive experience in a variety of laboratories. Every since my last year of high school, I have been getting increased experience in the laboratory, driven by my great passion for better understanding the nature of disease—to become increasingly adept at fighting it. I find myself drawn, in particular, to research that is especially relevant to issues that have a direct impact on people in my country, such as the molecular basis of sickle cell anemia, a highly prevalent disease in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia.

I spent much of my senior year in the lab at XXXX High School where I assisted the lab specialist in preparing samples along with equipment for use by fellow students. I particularly enjoyed our group discussions concerning cutting edge research as well as procedures to ensure lab safety. By the time that I finished High School, I was totally in love with both biology and chemistry and especially everything having to do with DNA and its myriad applications in today’s world

By the time that I was in college, I was spending a great deal of time introducing new students, freshmen and sophomores, to our lab, and my special devotion to the lab helped me to excel in subjects with lab components. I also participated in social activities in college that were related to health care, organized by the college administration, such as blood donations, child vaccination tours, and a general raising of awareness concerning public health issues. I took the values of a teamwork and cooperation to heart as a university student; and they will stay with me forever.

After graduation, I applied to the Newborn Screening Program offered by the Research Center; an affiliate of King Faisal Specialist Hospital (KFSH&RC). This provided me with opportunity to associate with other lab scientists and gain exposure to cutting-edge research techniques. Under the supervision of Dr. XXXX, I extracted the DNA of humans, rats, yester, and strawberry.

I look forward to being given the opportunity to excel in your distinguished program and I thank you for considering my application.


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