MS Mechanical Engineering, Indian

I am a young man from India who wants very much to study towards the M.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering at XXXX University. Last year, I completed my undergraduate degree in with a special focus on the area of Production. I especially look forward to doing graduate work in the area of Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and studying towards a Ph.D. degree after finishing my M.S. In the future, I especially look forward to studying Game Theory since I have a special fascination with this area.

I have diverse interests and am very dedicated to the idea of giving something back to society. This is why I am an active member of the National Social Service and have participated in a Blood Donation Camp and also worked on a tree plantation, in addition to other community services. During my undergraduate studies, I was a member of the Production Engineering Student Association and in this capacity I organized various paper presentations, computer games, and seminars. This experience was especially helpful for learning how to work with a team and I think that these experiences will be helpful for graduate school and working with a diverse group of people from all over the world.

I am currently working for XXXX LTD as a Graduate Engineer Trainee. This is India's largest diesel engine manufacturing company. This coming July 2007, I will have one year experience in diesel manufacturing and I think that this will also be helpful for graduate school. I struggled to develop my leadership and teamwork skills throughout my college days and was pleased to serve as a class representative throughout all my years in college. Now, working with one of the biggest manufacturing companies in India, I am learning the art of negotiation, and how to efficiently manage people. I feel that the greatest contribution that I would be able to make to society in the future would be to distinguish myself in the area of Operations Research.

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