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MS Environmental Sciences, Biology Teacher

Now a young adult, my adoration of the environment has been the most constant factor in my life. Since childhood, I have always wanted to be out and about in nature. I hope very much to complete your program at XXXX University so that I will have a state-of-the art preparation in the broad gambit of issues involved in the protection of our environment. I ask to be accepted to your program so that I can devote my professional life to the protection of our planetary home and its inhabitants, especially our animal life.

The fact that I am currently serving as a Resident Assistant here at the University XXXX, until my graduation this coming April, 2013, speaks to the fact that I am a highly responsible person who is good with people, a counselor and a practiced negotiator. I am also good at enforcing policies, in this case those of the university. My undergraduate studies are primarily in biology and related areas, along with a teaching certification for grades 6-12.

My fondest memories to date are probably our family camping trips. From early on, I made it a point to observe very closely the effects of human populations--especially their pollution--on our environment. It would always deeply sadden my heart to see trash along the roadway and on trails, and I began studying on my own already in Junior High School about how trash and other pollutants affect our wildlife. For me, humans, animals and the environment are all interconnected and I want very much to have the privilege and opportunity to devote my life to searches for creative solutions and models that serve to cultivate greater harmony between mankind, other animals, and the earth. I want to be part of developments on the cutting edge of sustainable development in eco-friendly directions, working to protect endangered species, in particular.

My three greatest role models are probably my mother, Steve Irwin and Mother Teresa. My own mother has taught me to be a compassionate person and to care for things other than myself. She has opened my eyes to different cultures and taught me to be open minded and accepting of people from all walks of life. Steve Irwin, I especially loved him as a child, his television show, his passion for wildlife. He taught me early on to love all animals and to not be afraid of them. I see all life as interconnected and interdependent and I want very much to totally expend myself as Mother Theresa did, in a noble cause, for something other than myself, working to promote appreciation for our ecosystem and to helping to preserve it. Upon graduation from your program, I plan to look for a professional position that encompasses human health, environmental health, and animal health all in one. I am interested in ecotourism and the creation, promotion, and preservation of animal sanctuaries in sustainable ways that also generate employment and help to fund educational programs.

I would like one day to travel the world and to make an impact for the better in the way that we see, treat, and feel the nature that surrounds us, of which we are a part. I want to work in the area of environmental education, laboring to prevent outbreaks of disease among human and animal populations alike and working to protect endangered. I seek a complete immersion in a state-of-the-art program such as yours that will give me a solid grounding in all of the burning environmental issues of my day. I am convinced that your program is the best place for me to prepare for the most exciting job possible on the front lines of environmental protection.

I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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