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MSc Health Administration, Surgeon, China, Canada

As a permanent immigrant to Canada from China, and now 45 years old, I have been forced to wrestle with the question of what to do with my distinguished career as a surgeon in my native China, how to go about rebuilding my medical career in my new adopted land, Canada. Thus, I have decided to begin anew by returning to graduate school to training in a related field where I will be able to make use of many of the talents that I developed throughout my long career in medicine. Most of all, as someone who as always excelled at working with people, at communication, and as someone with practiced organizational skills, I decided to apply to your program in Health Care Administration at the UXX.

UXX is my first choice for graduate school because I see it as the strongest program in its field in the part of Canada where I am settled with my family. I am also very delighted that your program specifically seeks to attract strategic thinkers who want to rise to the challenge of solving health delivery issues in an ever-more complicated health care sector. I feel strongly that my experience as a physician and surgeon will serve as a platform that will enable me to excel in your rigorous program.

Administrative staff in Chinese hospitals usually do not have any special training in health administration since the discipline itself barely exists in China. Thus, I feel as though I am stepping into an all new world of great promise, an open sea of opportunity for me to master the scientific system thinking called for in order to run a modern hospital with great efficiency. At the same time that I am building a permanent home here in Canada, my long term goals do include returning to China. In fact, it is my great hope that I might have the opportunity at some point after completing your program to contribute to the rise of our discipline in China

Among my special or well developed interests in medicine is life in its final stages, executing our right to die with dignity. This interest might seem somewhat ironic given that I am a plastic surgeon by profession, always very much geared towards making people look beautiful and as young as possible. Nevertheless, I always wanted to do something for those patients in their terminal stages. I hope to begin this new journey in your program by building and cultivating a special research interest in the area of hospice administration. After completing your program, I plan to work in hospice administration.

Having been a surgeon for so many years, I am well trained to always be calm and never panic, no matter what challenge I might confront. And I am practiced at functioning at my optimal level even in highly stressful situations and I worked extra hard earning my Master’s Degree in Clinical Medicine. I am also a very well trained research investigator who especially good at data collection on the internet.

I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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