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MA Psychology, Violinist

March 23, 2012

I want to study for a degree in Psychology; it is a subject which I find both intriguing and challenging.

Eventually I wish to have a career that is related to Psychology whether it is in a management role, clinical psychologist or forensic psychology.

I am currently studying two humanities subjects, Sociology and Psychology. Studying humans and how the mind works is fascinating, as the topics are related to everyday life.

I also do voluntary work in catechism classes; it involves working with children and assisting the lesson teacher. I enjoy this as I am helping people, and it has benefited me as I've learnt to deal with children and express myself in an authoritative role.

Whilst at school I was a prefect, which helped me gain organizational skills and punctuality. During my school life I made many different friends from different cultures, this gave me a good understanding on different ways of life and religions. I have previously done work experience at a solicitors firm. Here I learnt about time management, and how to behave in a professional work environment. At present I'm a team leader at a market research company, this has helped me gain leadership and teamwork skills.

I enjoy singing and I play the violin. I was part of the orchestra and choir throughout school.

Since starting my A Levels I feel I am now ready academically and emotionally to take on university studies. I am very committed and motivated to start studying Psychology. Psychologists' explanations for behavior and development have challenged my way of thinking; this has motivated me to decide to pursue this subject at degree level.

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Hi..I observe the psychology information from this post..Now i have interest to study psychology after studying this information..