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Dental Residency, Pediatric, Taiwanese

July 12, 2012


I hope very much to be admitted to a residency program where I will have the privilege of specializing in pediatric dentistry. I have now been working as a doctor of dental medicine for almost 6 years. Pediatric dentistry is my special passion - where my heart lies. Throughout the course of my education and professional experience, I have become quite familiar with many dental procedures including biopsies, implants, bone grafts, orthognathic surgeries, and orthodontics. I find the pinnacle of my professional satisfaction in my interactions with those patients who are children. My extensive experience as a volunteer has also provided me with greater insight into my field, and more extensive experience.

In addition to technical competence, I see patience, a gentle demeanor and hand, and a very solid grasp of pain management as the quintessential elements of being successful in pediatric dentistry. The first experience of a young patient in the dentist’s chair will shape their opinion of dentists for a lifetime and it is up to me to make sure that this first experience is a pleasant one, and show them that a dentist is someone that can be trusted, a friend, and a person that truly cares for them. My easy-going and most cheerful nature goes a long way to sooth the nerves of my patients, especially the children. My Taiwanese background also seems to help putting members of minority groups at ease. I relish being the smiling, happy Chinaman.

 I have special respect for the importance of being active in one’s community. For the last seven years, I have given countless hours to Special Olympics Special Smiles and the Oral Cancer Partnership, as well as volunteering at a free health clinic. I never tire of exploring the many ways that prevention is better than cure, and I'm proud of my contribution to screening and educating patients. I stay abreast of the latest developments in the dental industry by regular study of the literature, as well as attending the World Dental Congress, an event I consider to be a permanent part of my continuing education, having attended every year since 2001. Connecting with other dentists and interacting with exhibitors helps me to stay current.

Currently, I am working with two different pediatric dentists, putting the fundamentals that I have learned to practical use. I have also learned how to manage a dental office including the business aspects, as well as finely honing my clinical and diagnostic skills. I bring everything that I am to the field and I assure you that I will give my all to your distinguished institution, sharing in the creation of foundations with patients that will last a lifetime.

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