PHD Degree in Pharmacology Saudi Applicant


 am particularly fascinated by pain; it is my enemy and I love nothing more than laboring to 

Iunlock clues that can help us defeat it in the future. I am concerned with side effects and the new, exciting research taking place concerning ways to minimize the all-too-frequent adverse effects of medication.

My professional interest in pain and how to defeat it makes me especially excited about the prospect of studying under Dr. XXXX and learning more about his research into the migraine headache as well as other professors in the department who are engaged in cutting-edge research that has to do with pain. I appreciate the high ranking of the U of X which I see as reflecting global approbation of your efforts as well as the way that your department encourages diversity and provides a great deal of support to your students.

There are two aspects of my application that help to set me apart from other applicants. First, thankfully, my father completed a PHD Degree in Australia, which coincided nicely with my first 5 years of school. These days one’s skill in English is invaluable and this has proven to give me an important advantage which will be quite useful throughout my career. Secondly, I feel that I have distinguished myself as someone who is devoted to helping his community through my volunteer work. I am from Jeddah where floods routinely affect vast areas surrounding our city, and most of those who suffer are our poorest residents. For years, I have worked countless hours with Zamzam Volunteer Medical Services as a pharmacist, dispensing medications to victims. These experiences represent some of my most fond memories, working alongside such highly professional and devoted doctors and medical students.

I feel strongly that the U of X is the best program in the world to provide me with a complete immersion experience in the literature of Pharmacology, questions, issues, research directions across the broad spectrum of sub-fields in our area of study. I am convinced that the breadth of material that I will cover in your program will provide with best inspiration and jump start me on a long career of creative thinking about some of the most difficult issues in Pharmacology.

One special highlight of my doctoral studies was the completion of an 8 month internship experience as a pharmacist. I have also been serving for the past 2.5 years as a Teaching Assistant at XXXXUniversity’s College of Pharmacy, in the Department of Pharmacology & Toxiclogy. I observe and assist department professors in lab sessions, frequently demonstrate lab procedures to pharmacy students including instruction in animal handling techniques, influence of routes of administration on bioavailability, and the effect of various drugs on mice and rats. This position has provided me with invaluable experience in dealing with students and the challenges that they face while studying pharmacology and related subjects

Dr. XXXXwas my most influential mentor. He completed his graduate studies in the United States and he encouraged me to do so as well.  He made a great investment in me, taking the time to give me all the many reasons why I should study in the USA, especially in order to stay current with new research that overlaps with several biological sciences .I am pleased to report that I am sponsored by both my university and my government, which will also help me to excel in your distinguished program. Thank you for considering my application 


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All of the samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.

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