PHD Psychology Program, Advocacy, Yoga

Having reached a point in my career where I feel I have exhausted every possible avenue of challenge at my current academic level, I am eager to embark upon a quality XXX. program of study with XXX. Indeed, I have maintained over a decade of conceptual continuity in my teaching career and dedication to the unique needs of children both in traditional classroom settings and in alternative education where I have included yoga and meditation techniques. These myriad experiences have left me wanting to give even more and expand upon my theoretical understanding of Clinical Psychology, and particularly an elective concentration in Neuropsychology.

Throughout my professional and volunteer work, I have been attracted to and increasingly experimented with providing holistic methods for therapeutic and educational purposes. I have seen the need to further explore such therapies under the expert guidance of amazing faculty and access to exceptional resources, including the incorporation of yoga therapy for autistic children and meditation practices to provide a sustainable foundation of skills for children with XXX, as well as neuroscientific methods.

Completing a XXX. program in Clinical Psychology will fully equip me to bring my plans for the future to fruition. Combined with my abilities in Spanish, I am intent upon maintaining a private practice and serving the community as a bilingual neuropsychologist; I already complete bilingual psycho-educational evaluations for my school district and private agencies. However, my private practice will emphasize not only partnerships with public schools, hospitals and community agencies and organizations and advocacy but will include yoga therapy and other meditative practices.

And yet, all of this sounds so clinical compared to my passion for bringing compassionate care to all members of society, walks of life and cultures, the dedication of energy, time, and love of my work as a role model and active participant in a multicultural society. Growing up a minority in the inner city, I am intimately aware of the issues facing youth: acculturation, poverty, childcare inadequacies, racism, discrimination, and language issues. Moreover, my travels throughout Europe as a Fullbright Scholar and with the XXX program have only increased my ability to communicate effectively with people from varying cultures, creeds and belief systems.

I bring with me to Fielding's student body an excellent foundation from which to conduct my XXX research, a foundation that includes being mentored by a XXX certification board member and clinical psychologist, working with an alternative education XXX and United Nations consultant, as well as my volunteer yoga instruction for special needs children.

Fielding is my sole choice for academic development, and I foresee continuing on with XXX to complete my postdoctoral certificate in neuropsychology. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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