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Residency in Family Medicine, Pakistan

May 13, 2015

I was born in Pakistan where human misery is evident even to a small child and I found myself affected by the suffering I saw as soon as I was old enough to notice it. I determined at an early age to spend my life helping those who suffer. I genuinely regard my decision to be a physician to be a vocation rather than a mere career choice.

I achieved the highest scores in Pediatrics and Obstetrics in my year and regard these achievements as very relevant to my application. I strongly believe that a positive family environment is the foundation of healthy children and that this effect is cumulative over generations. Consequently I have decided to maximize my effectiveness as a physician by pursuing Family Medicine. I have become even more convinced of this choice since the birth of my own child three years ago.

I have carefully considered the characteristics required of an excellent Family Medicine practitioner and I believe that I possess them. I understand that a ‘holistic’ approach is required, being sensitive to emotional as well as physical symptoms and calling for a genuine interest in the patient’s family background and social and work environments together with diagnostic skills of a very high order. The specialty also demands a high degree of sensitivity, patience, cultural awareness and empathy that I possess. I am also very interested in preventative and proactive intervention to promote good health.  I have also become aware of the need to be sensitive to non-verbal signals during consultations and regard this as particularly important in Family Medicine.

I am widely travelled and have been exposed to people of many cultural and social backgrounds and can relate easily with them. I also possess a highly developed sense of humor.I am very interested in assisting with research and my particular interest is in the prevention and treatment of pediatric diabetes. I believe that I have the traits of determination and curiosity that will enable me to succeed in research.

I know that there will be many well qualified applicants for this popular specialty but I genuinely believe that I am an exceptional candidate. I have an excellent academic record; I am multi-lingual; I have the necessary personal traits for this specialty; but my main recommendation is my passionate determination to become a highly effective Family Medicine practitioner.

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