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Resume Chemistry Honors Degree

August 20, 2012

Will Rogers
120 Concord Avenue
Belmont, MA 02478
Telephone No: 617-993-2835
Email id:

Work Term Objective

My present work term objective is to build on the experience I have gained and to further my knowledge in other aspects of Chemistry.


Currently at the University of Victoria pursuing a Bachelor of Science, Chemistry Honours Degree.

Present Study Term: 2A
Applying for Work Term: #2
Graduated with honours from Belmont High School, 1996.

Honours and Awards

  • Awarded a Provincial Scholarship ($1,000)
  • Received Passport to Education Scholarship ($800)

Technical Experience

Example 1:
Varian Star Gas Chromatographs
Fourier Transform IR and interpretation
Physical organic chemistry and kinetics

Example 2:
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Gas Chromatography

Reactions under nitrogen
Use of vacuum line to dry products

Example 3:
Spectroscopy: Fluorescence, Atomic Absorption, Raman, NRM, ESR, FTIR
Chromatography: GC, GC-MS, HPLC, TLS, IC, Column Chromatograph

Chemistry Co-op Work Experience

May - August 1998 Company Name, City, Province
[Title of position]
Explanation of duties:

General Work Experience

June - August 1997 Company Name, City, Province [most recent first]
[Name of Position]
List of duties:

Special Skills

WHMIS certified
Class 4 drivers license
Computer skills include extensive use of MS Word, Lotus and ChemDraw.

Activities and Interests

Make it interesting

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