MA Social Psychology, Horseback Riding

I became interested in applying for a psychology degree after beginning an A-level psychology course. I have enjoyed studying both biopsychologyand ethical issues in psychology as modules over the past year. Reading the psychological perspectives of different famous psychologists such as Freud, Szasz and Pavlov has also greatly interested me.

As part of coursework I performed a relication of Piaget's conservation tasks in a primary school. These series of experiments were undertaken by myself and a partner on a group of children aged between four and eight years. The children had to perform the original tasks conducted by Piaget, for example, the conservation of continuous quantity, the conservation of number, the conservation of mass and the naughty teddy experiments.

Recording and correlating the results was fascinating as the results we gained compared well with Piaget's conclusion from the original conservation tasks.

I enjoy observing human behaviour and performing comparisons of theories purported by different psychologists. Extending my knowledge of the human mind and behaviour would be beneficial as I intend to follow a career in the field of psychology. In reading psychology at university I aim to build upon the knowledge I have begun to learn at college and hopefully to develop my skills in this area.

I am most looking forward to studying social and individual psychology to link with both my psychology and sociology A-level interests.

I enjoy reading and have an interest in literature. I attend plays at my local theatre, the Octagon, although I recently took a trip to Germany with college where I had the opportunity to see the Oberammergau passion play and the German opera Zar and Simmerman. On this college trip we travelled through both Austria and the Czech Republic and had the chance to see Mozart House in Salzburg, and saw the old town of Czesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic.

I have an interest in music and listen to a variety of different music ranging from rock to jazz and blues. In the past I have played in a Brass Band in my local community and have an interest in other musical instruments. I have had both piano and guitar lessons over the past year.

My interest in horses and my experience of horse riding has led me to secure a part-time weekend job at my local equestrian retain store. I have worked as a sales assistant which has given me a sense of independence, a greater self-confidence and has taught me how to handle a role of responsibility.

I have also gained work experience in both a primary school and a high school as a classroom assistant. Post degree I would like to work in the community and have as much contact with a variety of people as possible.

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