For as many applicants as possible, I draft the first part of your Statement completely free of charge to promote my service. More than half of these applicants decide to commission me to finish drafting the entire statement. This is how I support myself and my only child Davy Dylan, laying a little something aside for his future.

Resume Computer Technician

August 20, 2012


Marco Cohen
659, Luther King Boulevard,
Bangor, MA, 32687
(956) 903-5694


Any Network or System Technician on acquired skills training and experience. Willing to work from the ground floor with the right company.


  • Configuring Routers.
  • Wan Connection
  • Routing (Static, Rip, Igrp), Access List.
  • DDR
  • LAN & VLAN.
  • Configuring Switches
  • Trunking
  • Antivirus Solutions
  • Installations of Windows2003/XP/2000/ME/9X.
  • Maintaining, Troubleshooting & Repair of Network and Desktop Peripherals
  • Installation of Satellites
  • Repairs of Monitors, Smps & Printers
  • Knowledge of Fire Alarm Systems

Professional Experience:

XYZ Ltd, (Jun 2004-Present)
Computer Technician

  • Handling with Branded computers Like IBM, Compaq, and Acer.
  • Repairs of Monitors, Smps and Printers.
  • Installations, of Software and Hardware.
  • Handling with Fire Alarms works.
  • Installations of Satellites.

ABC Computers (Dec2003- May2004)
Computer Technician

  • Worked with branded computers like Compaq and IBM.
  • Other software like SAP client level, Lotus Notes Client level Ms-office etc.
  • Installation of windows2000/NT and 98.


Professional Training
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 2002.
Diploma in Computer Maintenance Engineer. (DCME) 1999.
B.A (2001 from XYZ University).


Furnished on request.

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