PHD Doctorate TESOL, Saudi Arabia

I am an English teacher from Saudi Arabia. I would very much like to study towards the Ph.D. in Composition TESOL at XXXX University because of the excellent reputation of the program and the fact that it has been recommended to me and are now working as professors at universities in Saudi Arabia.

Since my undergraduate years, I have been heavily immersed in the study of both theoretical and applied linguistics, especially in the areas of syntax and morphology, I have worked as an English teacher at intermediate, secondary and college levels and I have a special interest in the scientific investigation of the particular errors and difficulties that are most common among Arab learners of English, particularly as concerns grammar along with speaking and writing skills. I am also very much engaged with the question of the ways in which cultural factors in Saudi Arabia impede the improvement of our curricula and methods in EFL instruction.

One of the issues that I especially look forward to researching as a graduate student in your program is the way that certain teaching methods may have best results with a particular group of students and how this is related to the culturally specific environment of Saudi institutions of higher learning. I am concerned with the level of motivation of Saudi students of English and ways in which it might be heightened by the development of more creative curriculua. Having completed my MA in TESOL at the University of XXXX, Australia, I have gained valuable experience in the implementation of teaching methods that suit a particular group of students by drawing from TESOL theory in the development of creative practical methods of English instruction designed for specific, target groups of students. My long term goal is to teach university level students.

Students are particularly weak in their reading and writing skills. Furthermore, Saudi classrooms are not fully equipped for listening and speaking practices. If I am accepted into your program, I will learn the skills that I need to be able to contribute to making English language instruction in my country much more effective. I want to gain extensive expertise in the design and selection of purposive curricula, the organization of language laboratories and how to go about raising student awareness of the importance of studying English as the tool for global communication.

I look forward to many decades of productive research and publication in the areas of language research, the psychology of language learners, second language teacher education, CALL, language and cultures, language teaching methods in the post-method era, etc. Earning the Ph.D. in Composition and TESOL at XXXX will enable me to achieve all of my professional goals.

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