Medical School, Shadowing Physicians

Experiences and defining moments shape who we are to become. Moments in time, like when a small-town medical doctor diagnosed my little brother with bacterial meningitis, catching the disease just in time and saving his life, have left me in awe of the medical profession and what it is capable of doing. How could I forget the time I was able to save a friend's life during a game of ice hockey, when everyone else was skating away in horror: I grabbed his lacerated wrist, and applied pressure until help could arrive. Later he would receive an operation and 200 stitches, keeping his life and his hand. I returned to that moment in time, again and again, recalling my fascination with the physiology of the human arm.

It wasn't a case of simply congratulating myself: I had found my calling. I wanted to become a medical doctor.  From that moment forward, I re-entered college, and applied myself like never before. I managed to coordinate my time between a demanding 40-hour work week as a grocery store manager, with all of its responsibilities, and a full-time undergraduate course load; and I'm proud to say, that I made the Dean's List every semester. While most of my friends watched in amazement, and wondered how I can handle the stress, I felt invigorated and awaited the next challenge.

While shadowing physicians in various situations, I have seen first-hand the skills necessary to work in such an environment. The skills are not unlike the ones I already utilize in my management position: leadership, a calm demeanor, maintaining good customer relations, listening to the customers concerns, giving positive feedback, and utilizing and working with co-workers effectivel in cooperation. It's apparent to me that I can bring to the medical field certain lessons I have learned whilst working in management: an efficient and successful working environment is paramount. At the same time, while volunteering at my local soup kitchen, I have learned humility and I continue to help my community using my position as a manager of a supermarket to coordinate fund raisers and donations.

In my spare time, I pour over medical textbooks on anatomy, physiology and pathology.  Reading about disease systems and their treatments hold particular interest for me.  I don't have time for the latest bestseller, yet I always seem to have time for Gray's Anatomy.

It is my goal, within the next ten years, to own and operate a successful small-town medical practice, specializing in osteopathy. It is my hope that, through my place in the community, as their doctor, I can become an important role-model, sharing my passion and helping others to walk a similar path.

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