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August 1, 2012

Ryan Bateman

3 Stateside Drive
Tateville, WA 5031 Mobile: 0456 34 5678
Home: 08 8765 4321

With over five years experience in architectural design, I have exceptional skills and experience in planning, detailing, designing and coordinating projects both in the public and private sectors. My excellent communication, public relations, problem-solving and leadership skills, combined with my deep  knowledge of engineering and architectural codes, make me a highly valuable employee and team leader.

University of Western Australia                           Perth, WA

Master of Architecture
Graduated: 2004
University of Western Australia                              Perth, WA

Bachelor of Environmental Design
Graduated: 2002
Crawley High School  Perth, WA

Western Australia Certificate of Education
Graduated: November 2001

Employment History

Jan 2007 – Present: Architect/Project Manager
A to B Architects     North Park, NSW AU


  • Prepare information regarding design, specifications, materials and equipment
  • Draw up costs, schedules and other elements associated with construction projects
  • Direct the production of construction documents, drawings and specifications
  • Coordinate schedules and workloads
  • Review architectural documents for potential conflict with other disciplines
  • Generally act as the leading individual contributor and coordinator of design problem-solving
  • Responsible for overseeing that all necessary testing is completed and subsequent information is reported


  • Nominated for the Australian Institute of Architects Award
  • Lead role in various joint studies teaming with IBM and other major corporations
  • Designed in-house Computer Aided-Design (CAD) training workshop for junior operators

Nov 2005 – Dec 2006: Architect/Draftsperson
Leading Designs Denali, WA


  • Built CAD drawings based on information provided by customers and engineers
  • Prepared engineering support for in-house projects
  • Conducted research needed to complete architectural projects
  • Completed design work, including schematics and cost estimates for in-house projects
  • Provided technical expertise and guidance in preparation of efficient datasets, layouts, work statements, drawings and delivery schedules

Jan 2004 – Nov 2005: Assistant Architect (part time)
Smith and Jones Architecture Perth, WA


  • Assisted in the coordination of plans and designs
  • Helped to monitor the flow of development activities to ensure completion of  architectural work for new construction projects
  • Conducted studies and special projects on space planning, structural analysis, design feasibility and other related architectural engineering issues
  • Supported and assisted lead architect in all phases of a major project
  • Performed an array of administrative duties related to architectural construction projects such as code and zoning research, reviewing contractor payments and utility bills, monitoring project budget, and coordinating utilities installation

Professional Affiliations

Member of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects


  • Sustainable design
  • Japanese culture and architecture
  • Surfing


John Marshall – Senior Architect
Smith & Jones
Mobile: 0000
Dr Kate Higgins – University of Western Australia
Mobile: 0000 0000

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