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August 3, 2012


Jason Bond
FOT 1011
1209 2nd Avenue south
Birmingham, AL 35294
Telephone No: 205-592-1019
Email id:

Sept 1980 - Dec 1982
Masters of ArchitectureABC University (Oakland, California)

  • Fall 'Plan Off' competition winner
  • Graduated with honors

Sept 1975 - June 1979
Bachelor of Environmental Design XYZ University (Brighton, New York)


Student Body President
New York Future Architect Association (Clinton, New York)




March 1990 - present
Staff Architect
ABC & Son Engineers, (Buffalo, New York)

  • Residential and commercial design, site inspections, working drawings,
    MiniCad, renderings

September 1984 - February 1990
Architectural Assistant
XX & XX Associates (Los Angeles, California)

  • Model preparation, preliminary design, AutoCAD.

January 1983 - August 1984
Architectural Assistant
XYZ Engineering (San Jose, California)

  • Responsible for all phases of project
    planning and design
    from initial site visit to as built and drafting


Additional Skills


Computers & Internet

  • Comfortable in IBM / clone or Mac environments
  • Extensive use of Microsoft Office Suite and web design software
  • Developed personal and several other web pages
  • Knowledge of computer networking that includes prior work with Microsoft NT 4.0 and Novell 3.12, 4.0


Language Skills


  • Multi-lingual capability. Excellent command over English. Fluent in French and Spanish.


Trade / Crossover Skills


  • Intermediate knowledge of electric and plumbing
  • Experienced in both residential and commercial build out and renovation projects
  • Have experience in planning, budget and scheduling

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