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August 20, 2012


Marco Cohen
659, Luther King Boulevard,
Bangor, MA, 32687
(956) 903-5694


Any Network or System Technician on acquired skills training and experience. Willing to work from the ground floor with the right company.


  • Configuring Routers.
  • Wan Connection
  • Routing (Static, Rip, Igrp), Access List.
  • DDR
  • LAN & VLAN.
  • Configuring Switches
  • Trunking
  • Antivirus Solutions
  • Installations of Windows2003/XP/2000/ME/9X.
  • Maintaining, Troubleshooting & Repair of Network and Desktop Peripherals
  • Installation of Satellites
  • Repairs of Monitors, Smps & Printers
  • Knowledge of Fire Alarm Systems

Professional Experience:

XYZ Ltd, (Jun 2004-Present)
Computer Technician

  • Handling with Branded computers Like IBM, Compaq, and Acer.
  • Repairs of Monitors, Smps and Printers.
  • Installations, of Software and Hardware.
  • Handling with Fire Alarms works.
  • Installations of Satellites.

ABC Computers (Dec2003- May2004)
Computer Technician

  • Worked with branded computers like Compaq and IBM.
  • Other software like SAP client level, Lotus Notes Client level Ms-office etc.
  • Installation of windows2000/NT and 98.


Professional Training
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 2002.
Diploma in Computer Maintenance Engineer. (DCME) 1999.
B.A (2001 from XYZ University).


Furnished on request.

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