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LOR for Fellowship, Digital Media

To Whom It May Concern:

My professional and social relationship with XXXX began appropriately enough on the social networking platform of Twitter. We quickly established a mutual respect for the quality, value, and relevance of our messages as they related to emerging technologies, particularly insofar as they have the potential for progressive social development in online communities. Over time, I became more familiar with XXXX’s journalistic contributions to various media outlets, including the XXXX. XXXX managed to leverage our virtual relationship into other media channels by interviewing and using me as a quote source for various news articles and for her e-book, XXXX.  Our relationship has resulted in a productive camaraderie that makes the most of both of our unique professional and academic interests; we share a critical space at the intersection of media technology and human behavior, especially insofar as they are related to many of the burning social and moral issues of our times.

XXXX has consistently demonstrated her enormous capability as a most creative researcher, communicator, and content creator. Her frequent contributions to media outlets exhibit her most perceptive wit and humor. In particular, she has distinguished herself from the pack through her ambitious work in ‘comment aggregation’ for her project www., an interactive and real-time, netnographic study. She listens, extracts data, and derives impartial and unbiased insight from conversations within portable communities. XXXX is a Master at exploring the vital network functions of mediated communications for the people who use them.

I am convinced that XXXX will prove a most valuable asset to the XXXX Center for Internet & Society and I heartily recommend her for your Fellowship Program. I assure you that she will hit the ground running, applying her critical and insightful lens to a diverse range of under-reported topics in multi-media issues, especially those that have to do with the underdog, the victim, those who have no voice. Her cutting-edge understanding of media trends coupled with her solid academic foundation in technology will undoubtedly propel her to major contributions both during and after your program. My own admiration for XXXX is grounded in the profound hope and optimism that she inspires in me for the genesis of new, more ‘human’ directions in mediated communication. Thus, I see her as an ideal candidate for your program. Please feel free to contact me if additional information is needed.


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