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Master’s Global Business Journalism, Korean

September 11, 2017

During my studies to date I have become increasingly interested in the vital subject of the potential of emerging economies, especially in East Asia, and the barriers that might prevent that potential from being fulfilled. I am convinced that the sharing of timely and accurate information and of edu…

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Master’s Information Systems, Saudi Arabian

May 1, 2016

I am a young Saudi Arabian who is very devoted to the study of management information systems and I finished my undergraduate studies in this area last year, April of 2013. I seek a total immersion in the study of technology advances and their rapid applications because they have a most significan…

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PharmD Degree, Underserved in Africa, Ethiopian

April 6, 2016

I first became a pharmacist in my native Ethiopia where I would have remained until this day if I had not won the diversity lottery and been given the opportunity to move to America, where I am making solid and constant progress at the advancement of my career in pharmacy. I feel fortunate to have…

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BS Degree in Diagnostic Imaging

March 4, 2016

I was raised in Houston and later attended XXXX University in Waco, Texas where I completed my BBA with an emphasis in Finance. I am a 7th grade math teacher and I am 35 years old. Clearly, I seek a career change, primarily because I feel strongly that I have much to give to society and that the g…

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