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MS Financial and Managerial Accounting, Saudi

At this point in my professional career, I feel I will quickly exhaust every avenue of challenge and promotion at my current academic level. Indeed, I am eager to begin to increasing my understanding and scholastic foundation in both pure theory as well as advanced applications of, particularly, Managerial Accounting. In reality, this progression for my academic track is a natural and logical, maintaining almost a decade of conceptual continuity. Moreover, a XXX. in Accounting, with an emphasis on Managerial Accounting will allow me to bring my dreams to fruition, specifically being instrumental in educating burgeoning accountant students and scholars in my homeland of XXX.

It was while pursuing my undergraduate degree at XXX University that I was introduced to what would become my truest goal: my passion for teaching. My near-perfect XXX earned me a position as a teaching assistant, a job I held for two years, introducing students to the fundamentals of accounting. 

More than this, though, I was fortunate to be teaching while an important international accounting episode in the Arab world was unfolding. The Arab world looks to Saudi Arabia to set financial standards, and when XXX was being implemented, there was conflict between EU nations and XXX. While many in the EU had made the transition to XXX, not all standards had been adhered to, a double standard in XXX's eyes. Instead, XXX was adapting such key verticals as real estate, and oil and gas sectors to meet all of XXX guidelines. It was an exciting time, and I thoroughly enjoyed the debate, following it closely, absorbing all that I could. In the future, I anticipate bringing issues like this to the classroom, testing my students own critical and analytical thinking skills, fostering healthy debates and intellectual exchanges.

I look forward to becoming an innovative and dynamic professor of Accounting, and through an academic relationship with a XXX American university, I will be more than prepared to meet tomorrow's teaching challenges. No other field has nor ever could bring the same level of personal or professional satisfaction. I thank you for your time and eagerly await your response.

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