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MA Biotechnology, Medicine

A 22 year old woman born and raised in New York, I love my home and I see XXXX as the queen of NY'Cs educational institutions. I look forward to a long and productive career as a research professional working in laboratories that are specifically dedicated to the application of biotechnology to meeting human needs in medicine, industry, and agriculture, precisely the three areas that distinguish the program at Columbia. I am asking Columbia for a chance to enroll in one or two graduate level classes so as to have the opportunity to prove myself as a dedicated student who is capable of doing excellent graduate work. Later, I hope to be accepted as a full time student working towards the M.A. Degree in Biotechnology.

I am quite capable of strong performance since I hold a B.S. Degree in Biological Anthropology from George Washington University with a minor in Biology and I have also completed pre-medicine classes and have extensive professional experience in related areas. I am a very hard worker and very dedicated to my studies. I have a fixed, long term focus on professional success and contribution to scientific advancement. A fervent believer in high professional standards, I will devote everything that I have to my studies at XXXX if given the opportunity. I am very highly motivated to study and become an extremely capable biotechnology research professional because I know that it is here where I would be able to make my greatest contribution to humanity.

What is most important to me is making my mark, my contribution, as a research scientist, struggling with many of the difficult biotechnological problems that confront us as a modern society still in great need of increasingly creative and productive scientific advancement. This is why I want to spend my life as a research scientist in the areas of medicine, regulation of drug approval, and management/organizational issues pertaining to health care in addition to the production of food and medicine.

I am a young Jewish woman who has worked especially hard in life, learning. I am fully fluent in Spanish as well as English and Hebrew. A global citizen who is well read and well traveled, having spent considerable periods of time in China as well as Israel, I have a profound appreciation for diversity and cross-cultural harmony—bridging cultural distances in the name of scientific advancement. Perhaps the strongest aspect of my candidacy to begin studying in your program is my extensive professional and volunteer experience at XXXX Medical Center in NY where I had the privilege to serve as an Ambulatory Clinician intern with a special devotion to Pediatric Hematology/Oncology. My seriousness and industriousness were also rewarded by an International Scholar Laureate Program in Anthropology and Archaeology in China where I had the chance of working on various archaeological sites throughout the country. This experience, in particular, has greatly heightened my appreciation for diversity and cross cultural communication.

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