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Accelerated BSN, Haitian-American Woman

As a young, black, social services professional with a compassionate heart, especially for underprivileged individuals, I am applying to the accelerated Baccalaureate Nursing (AccBSN) Program at XXXX's College in order to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse. My parents are from Haiti and I have always felt part of a minority group that must be determined to struggle to lift ourselves out of poverty. While it has always been the desire of my heart to pursue a career in nursing, having grown up in a family of dedicated and compassionate nurses, I initially studied psychology, a field that has helped to provide me with a firm foundation for understanding people, especially those living through difficult situations. I have matured as a result of years of professional experience working closely with those in need. While I enjoy my work, I have realized that it is time to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse.

The human rewards of service as a nurse, to the community, to those who need me most, represent for me the ultimate in human achievement, making a profound and powerful impact on the lives of others, the sick, those most in need of our help. My own desire to become a nurse was greatly enhanced by the experience of accompanying my nephew during his extensive hospitalization for sickle cell anemia. As I observed the emotional support and medical care that was provided by the nurses, I was again impressed by their integral role in patient recovery. Inspired by their commitment, self-sacrifice and undivided concern, I am more determined than ever to receive the best education available in order to become a highly effective registered nurse.

Since college, I have worked closely with the health care system as a paraprofessional in the field of social services, working with people from diverse social, cultural and economic backgrounds, all struggling to contribute meaningfully to society. As a woman from Haitian descent, my cultural background and language skills allow me to bond quickly with people from different walks of life. I am not yet really fluent in Spanish; but I love it and I get better at it all the time. This is important to me since I live in an area where so many of my clients will be able to meaningfully communicate only in Spanish.

I enjoy learning about psychological and physical illnesses very much, and helping people on the road to successful social re-integration and adaptation, helping children and the elderly who are especially vulnerable. I am experienced working with mildly autistic children, where I learned how to best face the challenges of dealing with violent fits and implementing techniques to counteract maladaptive behaviors. I have learned how rewarding it can be to see patients make progress. For the past 8 months, I have gained valuable health care experience with a home health aid agency, accompanying registered nurses on their rounds. My immediate goal is to complete the BSN degree through your accelerated program and then go on to pursue the MSN. I will be able to dedicate myself 100% to my studies during your program since I have made provisions for the necessary financial commitment. Eventually, I look forward to establishing a home health aid agency and managing a team of nurses in the provision of medical care for patients who are unable to receive it through the traditional insurance system. Completion of the BSN at XXXX's College is the first step towards realizing this dream.

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