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MS Accountancy, CPA, Travel, Diversity

Born in Santa Ana and raised in Riverside, I am a young Laotian woman who is pleased to make her contribution to the beautiful, intricate ethnic diversity of California. Having always loved numbers, order, principles, honesty, and fair play, I have long been attracted to the idea of becoming an accounting professional. My first choice for graduate study is at CSU Fullerton because of the sheer excellence of the program and its appeal to a diverse group of students from many parts of the world. I am very much impressed with the pedagogical research taking place in your department and the promotion of ties with the business community through professional association.

I fully share the vision of your department and keenly look forward to a very rigorous exposure to conceptual, theoretical and practical applications and issues. And I would feel especially honored to have the opportunity to share in faculty and student interaction with the business community. I look forward to life-long learning and labor in the area of making numbers work for businesses, safeguarding them, helping business people to stay both honest and profitable. In this way I seek to have a positive impact on society through consulting. I see accounting as the backbone of the financial world and wish to play an active role in keeping societies finances in order. I am especially interested in the area of accounting and international taxation, appreciating the committed excellence of your program in this area. After having completed my M.S. in Accountancy, I would like to attain my CPA and consulting certifications and start consulting for one of the top accounting firms. Also close to my heart is my love for travel and I want to become a traveling consultant, eventually becoming a partner and then someday starting my own company. I also speak and read Spanish and I look forward to using this capacity at some point in my career.

My professional and volunteer experience is also an important part of my application since I have worked with 3 different chambers of commerce as a volunteer organizing and staffing events. And I have professional experience in property management where I do some of the accounting. These experiences have helped me to grow and I hope that they help to compensate to some extent for my less-than-exemplary performance with my grades and test scores. I was only 16 when I entered college and it took me time to mature, there were many distractions and now that I have graduated, travelled, and settled down as a happy professional, I feel strongly that I am a strong candidate for your program. I am ready to put in 150% to get my degree and to sacrifice my well-paying, full time job to make sure that I become one of the top students in the program. I am stridently passionate about my education and my career since I will be the first in my family to attain bachelors and masters degrees. In addition to visiting Laos, my native land, and much of the U.S., I have also spent significant amounts of time in Thailand, Japan, China, and Cambodia, heightening my potential to work productively in international taxation in South East Asia.

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