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MSc Accounting and Finance

As a young, aspiring accounting student from the United Arab Emirates, I am interested in and Finance from XXXX will help me to attain my goal of making a significant contribution to the financial sector in my country. Sheikh Zayed, the highly revered founder and long-time leader of the Emirates, once said: The prosperity that we have witnessed has taught us to build our country with education and knowledge and nurture generations of educated men and women. Despite his passing, the founding father of our nation continues to have a strong influence upon our country because he instilled within all Emirates a life philosophy of high achievement and an uncompromising quest for excellence. I would count it a great privilege to study in the XXXX School of Economics because its reputation of academic rigor and professional success assures me that I will receive the highest quality education possible, delivered by highly respected professors in the field.

The United Arab Emirates is a country that has witnessed expansive economic advancement over the past 30 years, undergoing tremendous development as it evolved from small desert villages into a flourishing, cosmopolitan modern state. Sustained growth, however, requires the knowledge and skills of true professionals; people who are determined to pursue deeper theoretical insight while consistently honing practical administrative tools that will contribute to their nation's welfare. As a result of my intellectual abilities and academic achievements, I believe that in order to realize my full potential and make the most effective contribution to my society, it is necessary for me to pursue graduate study, first by attaining a Master's degree and eventually the Doctorate.

After graduating at the top of my class from the International School of XXXX, considered the finest high school in the UAE, I enrolled in XXXX University. Through perseverance and hard work, I have managed to be named to the Highest Honor roll nearly every semester and in 2007 was presented the Award of Academic Excellence by the College of Business Administration of XXXX University in recognition of outstanding academic achievement. My current cumulative GPA is 3.95 and I plan to graduate in May 2008 with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting.

For the past two years I have been concurrently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate Geography student at the Université Paris Sorbonne, Abu Dhabi. This French-speaking higher education institution boasts of attracting the best students from the Middle East and other parts of the world. While meeting the challenge of studying in French, I have managed to maintain a position within the top one-percent of my class. During this time I have not only improved my language skills, but have also gained a deeper understanding of global issues. The school’s emphasis on extensive essay writing has greatly enhanced my scholarly research and critical thinking skills.

While it is evident that I have been successful academically in my studies at XXXX University and the Université Paris Sorbonne, I have also taken leadership in a number of extracurricular school activities. For example, I was an active member of the organization committee responsible for the Open Day 2005 at XXXX University. As well as planning and organizing the entire event, I was responsible for managing campus tours for visiting parents and students as well as coordinating communication with a wide variety of people and organizations. My broad range of skills and interests is also evident in the fact that I received a Film School Certificate for my participation in a Hollywood Film Institute seminar. In all of these activities I have always shown myself to be highly dependable, punctual and efficient even when working without supervision and under pressure. I am able to work well with people from many walks of life, am an ambitious and hard working person, and always aspire to move towards higher challenges in order to continue to better myself both personally and professionally.

As a female student from the Middle East, I believe that I have a great deal of cultural, social and academic experience that will allow me to fit in well and contribute to the international flavor of the London School of Economics. I am well traveled, having spent nearly every summer vacation visiting places such as the United States, London, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, and Milan. I am also trilingual. In addition to my native tongue, Arabic, and English, in which I am fluent, I have also reached a high level of proficiency in French after having my interest piqued from spending extended periods of time in France.

I love to travel because I believe that it opens up one’s eyes to the world, to its beauty and diversity.  I thoroughly enjoy discovering the different ways of life of those who come from many different backgrounds. One of my reasons for applying
to LSE is because it is known for its international student and faculty bodies, and for the cultural diversity that it fosters. Moreover, London is a rich, cosmopolitan city with so much going on that it will give me the opportunity to expose myself to different cultures, meet new people and actively participate in an environment ripe for the invaluable cultural exchange of ideas and ideologies.

I firmly believe that the right education opens up many doors for advancement in the field of one’s choice. LSE’s focus on research-led teaching will give me the advantage of being on the cutting edge of theory and practice in international accounting and finance. Nowhere is this more necessary than in the rapidly advancing economic environment within the United Arab Emirates. Ten years from now I would like to be in a top financial position with a financial consulting or accounting firm in my country. In the future I can see myself working in the governmental sector and eventually starting my own international or financial consulting business.

I can be an example to others of the attainments and contribution to society that women in my field can make. Out of my sense of responsibility and gratitude towards my country, I plan to continue the legacy of Sheikh Zayed by always performing at my best and demanding only the best from my surroundings, promoting an atmosphere of professional excellence, ethical practice and continuous innovation. I look forward to the educational challenges that XXXX will demand of me, knowing that my success in the MSc in Accounting and Finance program is essential for becoming a successful professional in my field and advancing with further studies towards a PhD.

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