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Medical School, Iranian American with Masters

I am a 24-year-old Iranian man, born in Miami, where I lived before moving to Iran with my family at the age of 11. My parents had almost always spoken to me in English, and of great challenges build determination and strength of character. This is perhaps one of the I am a 24-year-old Iranian man, born in Miami, where I lived before moving to Iran with reasons why I am so very highly motivated to become a physician. Medical doctors were my childhood heroes and greatest role models. I moved back to Miami when I was 17. My parents had almost always spoken to me in English, and completed high school here. I now have a BS Degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry completed high school here.

I now have a BS Degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Spanish from the University XXXX, graduating in 2006, and last month, July of 2007, I completed my MS Degree in Biomedical Science from XXXX University. My MS Degree is perhaps the single strongest aspect of my application. I found my anatomy lab particularly fascinating and all of my studies to be excellent preparation for medical school. I always performed my dissections diligently, trying to unveil as many structures as I could, often spending almost an hour looking for a particular delicate nerve or vessel, when my group members would insist on moving to the next objective. Usually, I found what I was looking for. I am a determined individual who, as a doctor, will never give up on his patients. I firmly believe that health is the most valuable blessing one can receive, enabling us to enjoy our surroundings and find satisfaction in our accomplishments. This is why practicing medicine will be such a great joy, the privilege of returning a sick person to health, restoring the happiness that has been lost to illness, giving someone additional time to share with loved ones.

I have my heart set on becoming a surgeon; I am not yet certain which area of surgery I will wish to specialize, although I do find Otolarygnology especially exciting. I am most attracted to the challenge represented by surgery and this sustains my determination. The practice of medicine is my vocation, completely fulfilling my sense of destiny through service to others. I see surgery as both an art form and a spiritual exercise, something that one constantly struggles to improve and further develop. I like hands on work and interaction with patients and I want very much to spend the balance of my life treating patients. I admire and respect hard work and the opportunity to confront profound difficulties and challenges and very much look forward to the rigorous character of your medical program and its emphasis on research preparedness. Medicine is also where science and art come together for me, and I keenly aspire to a broad based and thoroughgoing education in the scientific foundations of the practice of medicine.

My mother's uncle, Dr. XXXX, helped to inspire me. While practicing medicine in Tehran, he still found time to visit a nearby village and to tend to poor people, often in his home, inviting extended families to spend several days with him, living and dining in his large guest house with garden, treating them one at a time in his basement clinic, all free of charge. I aspire to a similar type of service to others. My long term goal is to have a surgery practice in a suburban area, while devoting some of my time each year to the service of the medically underserved. It has primarily been my dream of serving the medically underserved that has motivated me to minor in Spanish and continue to spend large amounts of time increasingly perfecting my use of this language. I am someone who celebrates America's diversity and often communicates especially well with other multicultural individuals. I feel strongly that knowing other languages and having the privilege of extended interactions with people from many cultures will help me to be able to provide optimal treatment for members of these cultures who are my patients.

I have long been a very determined person and my dream of becoming a doctor has been my central driving force. I am a very mature and emotionally stable individual and I feel that I am a strong candidate for medical school, in part, because of my positive attitude and enormous dedication to my work, and how much I look forward to the rigors of this instruction. I look forward to spending the balance of my professional life aiding in the construction of a more equitable and effective health care system here in the U.S. and, perhaps, in the developing world as well. I am attracted to the idea of working some day on an international level with an organization such as Doctors Without Borders. My dream is to be a positive influence and force in society by working to improve the quality of health care in my community. I am a cosmopolitan young man who still visits relatives in Iran and is quite familiar with international problems and issues, especially with respect to the Third World. I have also traveled to Holland, France, the Caribbean, and most recently Costa Rica. I plan on moving to a Latin American country for an extended visit prior to beginning medical school in order to further strengthen my Spanish skills, because it is very important to me to become an excellent doctor in this language as well. I want to thank you for consideration of my application.

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