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MA Masters Psychology, Analytical Mind

I desire an academic approach to the complex processes and interactions that determine human behaviour. I have an extremely analytical mind and objective view on life, and so am fascinated by subjects helping me gain a deeper understanding of the psychological factors that shape our actions and our lives.

The study of Sociology A-level has inspired my inquisitive personality by enabling me to analyse people and society from opposing perspectives, and has led me to develop an interest in the study of psychology. I have increasingly questioned the meaning behind unusual behaviour, such as aggression, and the significance of techniques we use, as humans as defence mechanisms, such as humour. In addition, the multitude of real-world applications of psychology has also aroused my interest. For example, the psychology of group processes can be applied to such contexts ranging from jury decisions, to political debate, to a group of friends' discussion.

Psychology is a subject that I will be suited to as I thrive on debate. I have become a more experienced debater through the analytical A-levels of English Literature, Sociology, History and Economics and through extra-curricular activities. I write articles for the local Village Magazine on topical village events, and I was a member of the school debating society. I often took part in internal debating competitions, many of which were often linked to psychological debates, such as the varying influence of peer groups upon young people's behaviour.

In the field of psychology my varied interests include altruism, the psychology of gender and crowd behaviour. Books that I have read that may aid my studies range from "The Freud Reader (Edited by Simon Gay); and The Private Life of the Brain (Susan Greenfield). In addition, regularly reading the "Psychology Review has also increased my thirst for the subject, as I have learnt of the dynamic nature of psychology, becoming informed of contemporary debates in psychology, such as the recent criticisms of Philip Zimbardo's famous Stanford prison experiment.

At present I am on a gap year in which I am volunteering full time in a residential accommodation for young people with disabilities to enable them to develop their independent living skills. This invaluable and rewarding opportunity will enable me to give back to a community that I have taken so much from. Furthermore, I intend to travel to either New Zealand or the northern states of the United States. This time will be employed as a chance to explore and study a different culture whilst aiding my preparation for the independence of university life.

My consistent academic achievements and dedication at school were extremely important to me, and were rewarded with the Sixth Form awards for Economics, English Literature and Overall Effort and Achievement. I was also proud to be the only student at my school to ever achieve an Advanced Extension Award (AEA), gaining a Distinction in Economics.

In addition, I took a full and active role in my school's community, and intend to do the same once at University. I acted as a form representative through much of the school, I conducted duties overseeing the main school when in the 6th Form, and I was a library assistant. I also enjoyed supporting school charity events and fundraising events, for example, I sold newspapers, and ribbons supporting National AIDS Day.

In my spare time I enjoy exploring my creative talents through a number of outlets. I am an enthusiastic Saxophone player; I have played in many orchestras and wind bands, and the most recent grade I have taken in Grade 5. I also thoroughly enjoy drama, and have taken part in many school and amateur dramatic performances throughout my school career. In addition, I enjoy abstract painting, and I took a photography course at college last year.

Above all, I believe I am a determined and disciplined student with very high, but realistic goals. I am excited about the immense opportunity of studying psychology at University, learning new skills, knowledge and a tolerance of the diversity of human nature that I will undoubtedly gain.

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