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MS Architecture, Technology, Sweden, Hong Kong

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada, I think of myself as a global citizen and as a great admirer of Europe and especially Sweden, I hope to be accepted to your program because I see it as the program with the highest degree of excellence possible and as the best match for my own professional interests in Architecture. I am especially delighted about the prospect of attending Chalmers because of the dynamic interplay in your programme between Architecture and Engineering and your emphasis on the importance of increasingly green and sustainable initiatives in Architecture. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program as someone who is fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin written and conversational in addition, of course, to being a native speaker of English. My global emphasis on the importance of humanitarian projects helps to make me a good fit with your program, since I have worked extensively in Korea with Habitat for Humanity helping to build townhouses for low-income families in the demilitarized zone and with Sichuan 100 in Sichuan, China, preparing presentations and detailed drawings for typical primary schools to be built in areas that were devastated by the earthquake in 2008.

I have very highly developed skills in technology which will suit me very well as a graduate student in Architecture, including a very high level of proficiency in AutoCad, Sketchup, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Architectural detailing, International Building Code (IBC), and Green Building concepts (LEED). I also feel strongly that I have a very solid academic background so that I will be able to perform at very high levels of academic excellence since I have earned a Bachelor of Architectural Science Degree from XXX University in Toronto, Canada, developing a concentration in project management during my 3rd and 4th years. My first love, however, is design and I have cultivated this interest for many years now, both at the university and beyond. Thus, I feel that I am especially well qualified for enrollment in your Matter, Space and Structure Programme.

I feel strongly that your program is the best match for my professional interests because I am so very passionate about sustainable design as well as humanistic architecture, forms and spaces that meet user needs for the long term and are very friendly to the physical environment. I look forward to exploring and developing the different ideas associated with such designs and helping to bring them to life as well. Within 10 years time I see myself as a practicing, well-rounded architect who has increasing international experience in the Third World, helping the most vulnerable among us, especially those who have been victims of natural disasters, helping them to rebuild in sustainable yet affordable ways that help to minimize the recurrence of risk with respect to earthquake and flood prone areas. Not only am I a forward thinking designer but also well equipped to face technical and administrative challenges. At some point, I aspire to have my own architecture firm. Currently working for Aedas Ltd., in Hong Kong, I am learning a great deal about design principles and construction and will soon become an accredited professional by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in order to increase my involvement with green building projects.

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