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AS Associates Degree, Medical Diagnostics

An Indian man who immigrated to America 7.5 years ago, I brought with me extensive training in the physical sciences and a well developed sense of professional discipline in the study of technology, especially IT. Increasingly, I come to better realize and appreciate the way in which this industriousness and discipline that are keenly emphasized in my homeland—where the medical sciences are seen in especially high regard. My greatest asset is the fact that I an extremely hardworking individual with enormous energy and I deeply and sincerely care about people, especially those for whom I labor as a professional. My compassion, congeniality, sense of humor, and intense focus on detail, with constant attention to how I might improve my function, have helped me to succeed thus far; and, I believe, will enable me to excel in your program as a Diagnostic Medical Professional, most specifically, an accomplished Cardiac Sonographer.

I have been especially drawn to the science of medical diagnostics as a result of my profound conviction that diagnostics holds the principle key to our ongoing human capacity to successfully treat disease; thus, I am most confident that my decision to invest the balance of my professional life in the study and implementation of diagnostic tools, especially Radiography and, most particularly, Ultrasonography, is the correct decision. At 37, I feel strongly that my maturity, as a human and a professional, will be an asset to your program, and help me succeed as someone with well-defined goals and passions. I look forward to someday beginning my own Ultrasound service, or perhaps giving my all to a medical institution where I will look forward to many decades of practice of diagnostic medicine. Diagnostic medicine technology is my first professional love; my greatest passion in life, being able to see life, learn how to save it, and prevent human suffering to the extent to which it is possible in our day and age, as a result of a rapid progress on several key technological fronts.

I feel strongly that my intensive background in Internet technology, combined with my proven record as a team player, serve to highlight my high degree of readiness to undertake and excel in your program and later as a professional ultrasonographer. My candidacy to your program is bolstered by my rigorous preparation in the areas of the natural sciences and technology, mathematics, theoretical perspectives on physics, electronics, mathematics, etc. I see science as technology driven and I celebrate the relationship between the advancement of science and technology as a team, mutually complimenting each other. As a professional radiographer and ultrasonographer, I look forward to an ongoing, lifelong religious reading of anything and everything that is relevant to my professional duties and interests in this area.

I now live in Michigan and I see it as my adopted state;  I have come to feel most comfortable here. Thus, your Associate Degree Program in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasongraphy is the ideal program for my location and my professional goals, interests, and aspirations. I am especially interested in doing graduate work in this area because it is this particular facet of the cutting edge of medicine which most fascinates me, especially the relationship between technological advance in multiple areas, on the one hand, and medical diagnosis on the other. I seek preparation to devote myself to my long term permanent goal: working as a highly skilled Cardiac Ultrasonographer. On a social and family level, my competence in the area of medicine is enhanced by the fact that my wife is an Internal Medicine Physician and most of our friends are doctors.

I have excellent recommendations from supervisors and coworkers in my field, as a Network/System Administrator. I feel strongly that my background in communication system construction and maintenance may help me to become especially useful as a Cardiac Sonographer. My associates often comment on my interest in detail and my high level of dedication to digital images of human organs. I look forward to becoming an exceptional  ultrasonographer with a special, ongoing, lifetime interest in the human heart. I am currently employed by the Marshfield Clinic and very soon I will be doing volunteer work in the Cardiac Sonography Department.

My prior work experience is not only systems, but, more relevantly, the communication systems of health care institutions. Thus, health care itself has been the center of my professional world now for many years. Combined with years of daily association with my wife and friends who are medical professionals, this has resulted in my having a high level of fluency in medical areas, especially with respect to the crossover between technology and medical progress, limitations, and challenges.

I am pleased that my colleagues report upon my generosity, that I always struggle to lend a helping hand to whoever needs it. I take great pride in being compassionate and cool under pressure, at the same time.  Being in charge of health care communication systems is both a great challenge and a major responsibility and this has helped to me to grow professionally and to have developed the kind of focus combined with creativity that the wedding between technology and medicine makes possible. I have a reputation for boundless energy, working into the night and weekends to attend to system challenges as soon as if not prior to their arrival, anticipating challenges, dealing with multiple, strategic options, and always enthusiastic about being one step ahead of the game. I am tenacious and dedicated; my principal motto is that “above and beyond" should be the rule rather than the exception. My work is my spirituality, making sense of my existence, my passion for life that sustains my keen curiosity. I want to thank you for your consideration of my application to your program.


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