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BBA Bachelors, Undergraduate, Armenia

For 1,700 years, my country, Armenia, has followed the path of Christianity, a way begun by two of Jesus' apostles, Thaddaeus and Bartholomew. The Church reflects the predominantly conservative nature of my country, in which women, upon completing high school, are expected to immediately enter domestic life, irrespective of their abilities in school, hopes, or dreams for a different life. These past eight years in America have shown me that I have a set of morals and values from my faith and a strong sense of family combined with an emphasis on education, drive, and a relentless pursuit of my ambitions.

XXXX University will help me to develop progressive ethics and values through state-of-the-art education, an academic triumvirate that will serve my spiritual needs as well. I keenly look forward to being immersed in an environment that will shape every aspect of my learning, a backdrop upon which I will place business concepts, with an emphasis on accountability and ethics, putting my energy into good works that will aid the majority those that I go on to serve - and not simply line the pockets of the few. In this age of fraud and underhanded accounting procedures, I hope to contribute to building a new era characterized by more honest business practices.

The non-fiction book, The Bookseller of Kabul, is a report by a female journalist who immerses herself in middle-class Afghan culture. The man of the house, Rais, is a person who has fought censorship over the years, providing classic books and books of Western thought that the Taliban many of whom were illiterate - repeatedly sought to destroy. Contradictory to this was Rais's traditional treatment of the women in his family. I found many parallels to their lives and that of Armenia, even that of Afghanistan as a country and Armenia's economic struggles, collisions of politics, faith, and tradition. Like Armenia, Afghanistan had been under the rule of the USSR in the past, had been suddenly independent, and wrestled with building democracy and westernization, yet clinging to a male-dominated past. I applauded the author's courage, bringing realities to light at significant risk to her safety. While Rais's views of women were disappointing, his courage to fight censorship and bring enlightenment was commendable. I want to be like the author, a woman standing up for what she believes in at all costs.

I have come to America to develop myself and begin a new life, which would have been impossible in my own country. Yet, my own story has kept a fire burning within me, and I yearn for a sense of justice, simultaneously savoring the lessons I have learned from a harsh past. I am now becoming a global citizen, and I adore American diversity and the learning opportunities it provides: culture, language, and technology. Attending your program will provide me with a world-class theoretical foundation upon which I can build understanding and wisdom over a lifetime as a business professional.

My father was an international businessman and often took my mother and me on business trips. We traveled to North America, the Middle East, and the Caribbean and met his associates from England, Germany, and China. This did wonder for the development of my multicultural competency. I have lived and been educated in Armenia, Russia, and the US, and I am now learning to communicate in Spanish as well.

Giving back to my community is a way of expressing my love, which is why I support the work of the Armenian Student Association at Los Angeles Valley College. As a club officer, I have spearheaded fund-raisers for proceeds that benefit orphans in Armenia. In this golden age of global cooperation, by volunteering, I am attending to issues of international interest in the spirit of equal treatment of all human beings and quality of life. I volunteer because I see it is our collective responsibility to help each other: especially the poor, the sick, and the needy, at all costs.

My plans for the future include an extended academic relationship with XXXX University, culminating in a Master's Degree in Marketing. I plan to go on to work in a successful, environmentally friendly company, strengthening it with my creative ideas and fostering innovative collaboration. I envision my work as contributing to positive, sustainable social change. I am incredibly passionate about the need to protect what is left of our pristine environments and nurture or rebuild what has been destroyed. I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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