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BS Degree in Diagnostic Imaging

I was raised in Houston and later attended XXXX University in Waco, Texas where I completed my BBA with an emphasis in Finance. I am a 7th grade math teacher and I am 35 years old. Clearly, I seek a career change, primarily because I feel strongly that I have much to give to society and that the greatest contribution that I might be able to make would be to help develop ways to effectively diagnose and treat cancer in its earliest stages of development

I taught 7th grade math for six years, up until 2010 and I dearly loved teaching and guiding the children:  hands on, high energy, active learning through personal engagement with every student individually, on a regular basis; thereby sustaining a very positive learning environment. Every year that I taught, my students’ scores improved overall. I would oftentimes arrive at school very early in the morning and generally stayed afterward for some time, giving tutorials and running after school programs.  I would also visit the Special Needs kids on a regular basis.

I am also actively involved with the Methodist Church and have served on the Board for five successful years. Currently, I am on the Pastoral Relations Committee. Throughout this period, I have labored to develop our Congregational Care Ministry which oversees the nurture, care, support and fellowship of the congregation.

Most recently, I have pursuing my part time affair with photography on a professional, full time basis. I am a photo studio artist using mainly Photshop CS5.  I have been commissioned for many product photography shoots including Faberge collections of historical significance, Texana memorabilia, and I have restored over 1,000 photos and negatives working with each photo individually, insurance documentation for over 40 properties, formal house shoots, and many other projects.  I was recently hired by an upscale jewelry store to photograph their inventory for the website. I love taking pictures, but I see the real challenge and thrill in doing this to save lives, helping the injured and sick to recover.

10 years from now I would like to be involved with innovative technologies such as Moleculargenetic Imaging.  I am especially fascinated by the way that molecular-genetic imaging provides visualization of normal as well as abnormal cellular processes at the molecular or genetic level. I want to utilize new technological advancements to develop new diagnostic methods and specialize in cancer research. One of the reasons why M.D. Anderson is my first choice is my profound respect for the way that your faculty is working to develop new diagnostic methods that will be more sensitive and accurate in assessing the extent of disease, determining maintenance pathways of cancer, identifying targets for anti-cancer therapy, and monitoring anticancer genetic and cellular therapies.

At XXXX University I was the project coordinator for three Junior and Senior level projects that won first place.  I earned a reputation for being a hard worker and willing to contribute extra hours to help my teammates.  I served as Vice President of the Financial Management Association for two semesters and was an active member of the National Golden Key and Alpha Chi Honor Societies. My volunteer work began in high school, helping with fundraisers such as the Jingle Run. In church, I was on the baptism committee and helped out with towels and procedures. In college, I volunteered in nursing homes as well as working on behalf of church functions. 

I crave the excitement that the field of radiology offers, especially as a result of rapid technological developments. I very much look forward to rigorous interactions with all areas of medicine, providing me with the opportunity to learn a lot more about pathology and anatomy.

I look forward to studying the myriad ways that communication and teamwork are especially critical to providing consistent care of the highest quality.

I used to travel to Mexico for a total of 21-30 days out of each year. My friends and I would frequent Isla Mujeres and we developed long lasting relationships. I am proud of the fact that my upbringing was in a lower-middle class area where I was part of a white minority, since I have always relished diversity. I taught at schools with many if not most children coming from socioeconomically challenged backgrounds and so I have a cultivated facility for multicultural issues.

I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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