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BS Degree in Health Information Administration

I am seeking mid-life career advancement from the for-profit, business sector of our society to the human services sector of our society, where profit takes a back seat to community well being. I am a 40-year-old African-American business woman with over 15 years in account management, customer service and sales. Most recently, I have made enormous strides in my capacity to manage information systems for the senior management of XXXX, where I have been for the last 4.5 years. I am the first to arrive in the morning so that everything is online and in order when management arrives. It is primarily because of my solid progress in information systems on the job that I have enormous confidence of my ability to excel in your program.

I have been somewhat shackled, voluntarily, for many years, raising two beautiful boys. Now, they no longer need their mom like they used to and I have to learn to live again for myself. As a result, I am full of renewed energy and passion to surge forward in my career. Stephens College is my first choice for graduate study for a variety of reasons, chief of which is my profound admiration for the way that your curriculum promotes creative and critical thinking concerning the financial management of health care institutions.

I am very excited about the health information administration profession because it will allow me to assist healthcare providers with translating diagnoses into highly accurate, coded forms, helping us to achieve the best quality patient care possible. When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, followed by months of treatment, our entire family suffered from errors that were made in medical billing. This experience was so overwhelmingly frustrating for me and came at an especially bad; since then, I have found solace in my plans to become part of the health care industry and to make my mark in life in the area of health information administration, having as share in the development and implementation of increasingly accurate systems of medical coding.

Some of my proudest achievements to date are some very wise health care decisions that I made for my children.  I feel that maternally focused individuals like me generally make excellent health care workers and fit well in this environment because of our intense motivation for caring for the well being of others, in the public sphere, just as we do with our own families. By completing the HIA Program at XXXX College, I will be eligible to take the RHIA exam and obtain the CCS (Certified Coding Specialist) certificate so that I will be a successful behind-the-scenes healthcare professional. My long term goal is to one day serve as the HIM Director of a major hospital.

I wish I had joined the health care industry a long ago; still, I will always thankful for the time that I had a home with my boys when they were small. Now, however, my boys are rapidly becoming men and I am at a point in my career where I want to give something back to my society. I am certain that I will give your program my all because health care is where my heart is. I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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