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BS Bachelors Finance, Chinese

I am truly excited about my future as a Finance major. From an early age, my mother was my role model, and mentor. She managed a real estate company and introduced me to the rudiments of investment, sharing her business experiences with me and giving me a working knowledge of finance. What began as a dream, imagining myself in an exciting world that would stimulate my mind, turned into ambition as I helped in the family business, laying the necessary foundation for my future in business and finance. Indeed, from the time I was in middle school, I have kept my eye firmly on a future in business and finance. As a result of a lot of hard work, I succeeded in getting into the finest High School in Dalian, China, my hometown. Dalian has a reputation of being a model city in China, but it is so much more than just a beautiful city. It is an example of what careful planning, ambition, and focus can accomplish. Being immersed in Dalian's aspiring culture was infectious and I am proud to have grown up there.

Completing half of my high school education in China and half in America has impressed upon me the value of a quality education, and so I gave everything I had, and practiced my English as much as possible. English is the language of the business world, even in China where business is the backbone of the Chinese economy. China has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and is in need of strong, focused, and visionary business leaders. It is my aim to fill this need, completing my BS and MBA, focusing on real estate investment and other areas of investment, and going on to work in a multinational capacity. I have lived and seen firsthand how existing Chinese business practices are being forced to adapt or simply become out-dated, absorbed by progress. I anticipate becoming involved in the continued growth of the Chinese business world. Coming to America has been a great investment in my future, making my academic foundation much richer, and bring my professional dreams in finance to fruition.

Having lived, worked and been educated in two different continents, has expanded not only my world view but my ability to speak two languages with complete competency, interacting effectively with people of many different backgrounds, cultures and creeds. I have traveled throughout China, Beijing, Shanghai, Hainan, Hong Kong, as well as Japan. This will prove invaluable since I see my professional future serving in a multinational business environment.

Ambition and drive are two dominant elements of the successful business person. I feel that I embody both of these traits, and my academic track record is indicative of this. Throughout my academic career, I have challenged myself, pushed myself to be the best student that I possibly can be. I have no fear of public speaking, despite English not being my mother language. My confidence comes from my certainty that I have done all I can to grasp, digest and apply course material. Math is more than an aptitude for me, since I truly love the subject. And academic challenges are personal challenges for me, like completing a 2-year program in 18 months, six months less than students who speak English as a first language, and completing four classes in a six-week winter semester, achieving a perfect GPA at the same time. When academic outlines are clearly laid out, I know what I have to do, they become my personal goals, and I always achieve them.

To be successful in business, there is a need for healthy competition. Competition not only ensures your own business future, but that of others around you; it is how economic entities evolve and grow.  Even in my leisure time, playing sports, I am a very competitive and well-rounded player. While it is all in good fun, and keeps my body healthy, I always play to win; it is in my nature, and is who I am, and I make no apologies for it. My skill in soccer alone opened the door to the finest high school in my hometown. I fully intend on keeping this aspect of my life alive, managing my time as I always have between academics and my sports life.

I owe to my family my love of business, growing up with my mother as my role model, an ambitious and mold-breaking, highly successful woman.  I have received many gifts from my parents, an analytical mind, a sense of responsibility, and a sense of where I want to go in life. My parents sacrifices for my future will never be in vain. In truth, thanks to my mother's example, I see that I can make important contributions to society. And by developing my family's business, I can put my dreams into action.

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