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BSc Graphic Design UK, Simulation

I wish to study graphic design as it is a simulating subject which enables me to express my creative side and help me contribute to shaping society's visual landscape. By doing this course I want to create exciting innovative work to deliver memorable visual messages through all media. I hope to show my flare for creativity whilst using my drawing skills in an imaginative approach to produce inventive pieces of work expressing my own style.

The other subjects I am currently studying are English and Sociology and I believe these subjects will provide me with an ideal foundation for the entrance of the graphic design course. English has developed my analytical skills whereas Sociology has given me a valuable insight into the behaviour of the modern corporate world.

During the years I have been studying, there has not been a single day, where I have felt that I have not achieved something new.

Everyday I am faced with many different challenges and tasks, which most of the time I try my hardest to overcome. I feel that I can be successful in the future if I sacrifice more of my leisure time and devote it to hard work. I know that I am capable of achieving good standards of work in whichever line of work.

I am involved in During my school career I achieved many certificates and took part in many activities such as being a member of the school netball team. I have also voluntarily helped younger members with reading difficulties. I believe this has enhanced my interpersonal skills.

Attending art clubs at school gave me the opportunity to help at the community centre by designing posters and banners. By getting the advantage to do this has extended the high quality standard of my creative drawing skills. During my final two years at school, I was appointed as a prefect. In addition, I consider myself to be an assertive, hardworking and highly motivated individual who works well both independently and with others.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing the keyboard. I also play badminton in the local sports club during the summer and enjoy designing and painting on fabrics such as silk and canvas. My other interests include travelling to various countries which has enhanced my cultural understanding and has made me more open minded as an individual. I have also been to many modern exhibitions such as Inverness Museum and Art Gallery.

Thought my years in school and sixth form I have learnt how to try my best to achieve what I am aiming at. I am very much looking forward to this new chapter of my life with the intellectual challenges and the social opportunity that will be open to me. I hope eventually to work in an advertising and editorial design, general design practice, Multimedia Communications such as Website Design in the Arts and Education.

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