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TESOL Advanced Certificate, Korean

Specialized techniques for reaching both adults and children. By completing a post-baccalaureate advanced certificate program in TESOL, I will be more able to bring my ambitions and goals my dreams to fruition.

There is a distinct need in South Korea for after-school programming and nursery schools, that couple music appreciation with language education. I have seen this need and am certain I could positively contribute to filling this cultural and educational void, to give South Korea's children, our future citizens, the same opportunities that I was given. It is only natural, given my affinity and aptitude in music, to want to bring my passion for music to children. There have been many studies to prove that children who do well in music also do well in math, have enhanced concentration skills, and greater self-discipline. In order to be an effective owner and operator of a private institution, I need to first establish myself as a professional and an authority in TESOL. Thus, your Advanced Certificate Program would be an excellent foundation for graduate research in TESOL.

I feel fortunate to have been given two sets of experiences, aptitude in two languages, two cultures and two worldviews from which to draw, and thereby have achieved a high level of multicultural competency. I have continued to visit my homeland at least once every two years for the last twenty years. Having experienced life in both the US and South Korea, I am aware of the cultural norms, how language is used in various situations, and what is acceptable in which circumstances. Coupled with my love of rich cultural tapestries is my love of learning, and I feel this has been the key to my academic success, a 4.0 GPA, and a very high level of involvement. I have always carried a most demanding course load and have honed my interests in preparation for the challenge and opportunity of graduate study.

 In addition to my solid academic foundation in music and psychology, I have completed countless hours at my Korean church as a piano teacher and accompanist, and teaching English to the elderly. I have also worked as a Piano Teacher at Piano Studio, teaching children how to play, enjoy piano and music in general.  I consider this part of my career to have been the time in which I developed effective methods for conveying concepts, clearly explaining the basics of both English and music through increasingly creative approaches, and giving extra tutoring or instruction as needed, so as not leave anyone behind.

XXXX University has been my sole choice since I began my graduate course of study. The XXXX School has impressed me with its rich and varied exposition of international students. This diversity alone instills a sense of confidence in me as to the validity, efficacy and relevance of the TESOL program, and only increases my desire to continue my academic relationship with XXXX. My research has shown me that there are few quality schools in the US that are dedicated to the pursuit of TESOL in an atmosphere of Applied Linguistics, and XXXX stands out amongst the background noise of other schools.

I am confident that my unique international education and comprehensive experiences - my cultural competency will aid me tremendously to excel in your TESOL program and to bea  unique addition to the student body of New York's finest university. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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