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PHD Computer Information Systems, Saudi

Being born into a family that has always encouraged utilizing to the fullest extent our inherent gifts, I have excelled in every academic venture I have undertaken. I have adopted my parent's standards of how to conduct yourself in life, be disciplined, be persistent in your pursuits, and work hard at everything you do. I have an inquisitive nature and enjoy challenges and mysteries. I resolved to take on the intellectual difficulties Information Technology offered and dedicate my life to pursuing Information Technology. Now, more than ever, there is an industry-wide need for qualified leadership and research.

While many speak of the ideals of developing culturally-competent students, I have achieved a level few could ever imagine attaining outside of the classroom, setting a worldview created by a singularly extraordinary and fortunate life. By living, working, and effectively interacting with people of many lands, utilizing a cross-cultural understanding coupled with the ability to speak two languages at a proficient level, I have a thorough understanding of what it means to appreciate and respect cultural differences. I feel that this will aid me tremendously as I work with diverse students as well as other information technology professionals.

For the past eight years, my academic and professional careers have maintained a conceptual continuity, focusing on Information Technology. The knowledge I will obtain from my Ph.D. research at George Mason University with a concentration in Information Systems will enable me to plan, coordinate, and direct examination and facilitate the computer-related activities of organizations. I will be better equipped to approach and reduce the technical and business goals in consultation with senior management and clearly illustrate my goals through intensive planning. I have worked within multidisciplinary teams and anticipate utilizing these experiences to develop different concepts and requirements for researching and developing new product lines and expanding services. Combined with these abilities, I will also be able to quickly identify how an organization's computing capabilities can effectively aid project management.

Research work has played a significant role in my academic career. I have conducted three research projects during my master's degree covering different aspects of IT security. Working with my advisors, I sought to establish improvements in the Fair Exchange protocol, a secure protocol used to exchange electronic items between two parties over the internet. My second area of research focused on the various models that guarantee the confidentiality of the information in the workflow systems. I illustrated the Access Control Models applied in these systems. My latest research was an overview of the work done in the Delegation Role-Based Access Control Model, which facilitates authority delegation among users to show the improvement in the model and the shortcoming as well. I feel strongly that my studies, coupled with my research acumen, have provided me with diverse knowledge and skills that make me an excellent candidate for doctoral study in this field.

How and when companies and organizations use technology are critical factors in remaining competitive. A Ph.D. in Information Technology from XXXX University will allow me to play a vital role in the technical direction of these organizations. My role would vary from academic teaching in the universities. Through a quality education from XXU, I anticipate directing system design teams and developing and implementing advanced managerial techniques in the direction of computer-based information systems for software applications and hardware computers. Additionally, I will be better able to recognize organizations' computer and information needs from an operational and strategic perspective and determine immediate and long-range personnel and equipment requirements. Through this work, I will be able to assign and review the result of my team members while keeping abreast of the latest technologies to ensure the organization remains competitive. Coupled with this is the ability I will have to impart in an academic setting relevant and up-to-date industrial experiences.

Through my academic and professional experiences, I have found that to further myself and increase myself as an asset to the industry; I need to pursue course work that examines the fundamental principles of information systems and security, which I have discovered fits well with the research interests of outstanding faculty members in these areas at XXXX University. XXXX University has a worldwide reputation and commands great respect in my homeland of Saudi Arabia. XXU places a great emphasis on the importance of and support for teaching excellence which makes it stand out from the background noise of other universities. As someone who wants to become a professor, I think being an effective educator is just as important as being an exceptional researcher. I admire XXXX University's supportive environment for opportunities in research. Through my academic career and professional work, you can see my passion and dedication to everything I undertake. I am confident that I will develop invaluable research and teaching skills while having the privilege of interacting with accessible professors and intellectually-gifted colleagues. I firmly believe that one of the essential elements in pursuing a successful academic career is to have a good mentor who can closely guide you academically and as a person.

After procuring a position as a researcher and professor, I fully anticipate publishing my works for the betterment and development of the industry. I'm genuinely competitive and will do my utmost to become an exemplary teacher, striving constantly for classroom excellence. In the longer run, I hope to be a shining example of XXU graduates.  I thank you for your time, consideration and look forward to a personal interview.

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