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PHD Clinical Psychology PHD, Writer, Media

I am applying to your program since I am very keen to learn as much as possible concerning how to best assist long-term brain-injury survivors. I have particularly enjoyed my in depth studies concerning which parts of the brain control each biological function. I am well trained in the provision of clinical services for long-term head injury survivors. One of the women I worked with, for example, suffered injuries to the prefrontal cortex from a car accident. She had short-term memory loss and could not remember word lists. Working with her and others like her helped me to understand the importance of patience in order to provide the highest quality of care.

In my senior year of college, I became a Psi Chi member and actively participated in a research conference at XXXX. My research included determining whether or not exposure to classical music increases long term memory retention while studying. During my last semester of college, I participated in an exchange program at the University of XXXX at Manoa. I was a regular writer for the XXXX newspaper as well as enrolled in a mass communications class, which required preparing a report on how the media affects children psychologically. Our professor introduced me to media psychology, which accounts for my passion for studying how people are influenced by the media and how it shapes their perceptions.

I also completed a research project concerning media messages directed toward young people. I have studied extensivley how human beings have an ongoing process of communicative interaction by which we collectively develop culturally through shared meanings of objects, events, and situations and the ways in which individuals within the culture are expected to conform to certain norms that serve to constantly reinforce the beliefs, and behavior in question. This results in certain generally accepted perceptions of what is normal behavior.

My special areas of interest at XXXX are aligned with that of Dr. XXXX, with his focus on child clinical me to share some of my experiences and enthusiasm, especially since I have a well developed ability to listen to others with understanding and compassion. I hope to make a positive difference in peoples lives. I hope to learn all that I can about self-understanding and self-perceptions of children and adults, epecially those with learning disorders (LD). I want to study the many ways that children's self esteem is affected by disabilities, various handicaps, and other difficulties in their lives.  I want to get very involved in the field of child media psychology, and I feel that I have special gifts because of my well developed love for music, dance, painting, and astrology. I also enjoy working with animals as they add so much joy to our lives.

I would like to develop a research project that focuses on children's and young adults dreams and demonstrate how they can serve to help to heal their internal trauma and tension.  I want to further investigate Freud's theory of how the unconscious motives in dreams and the feelings people experience as children have an enormous impact on the development of adult personality and behavior. I believe the more one learns to interpret one's dreams, the more they will come to know themselves. During high school, I became extensively involved in working with children with family difficulties. I started volunteering at elementary schools and middle schools, talking with them and tutoring them with any subjects they needed help in. Gradually, I came to realize where my strengths of service lie.

I also lead a freshman retreat to help new students feel accustomed to acclimate to the high school environment and learn more about themselves. By the time I reached college I became Vice President of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. The duty of Vice President included setting up a mentoring program for a local high school. I presented topics such as leadership skills, identification of goals and dreams, effective study skills, volunteering in the community, how to build your self-esteem, and how to utilize your creativity and think outside the box. This program provided an outlet for all participating students to feel more optimistic and set goals for their futures, become more confident and gain a better self-value. I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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