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PHD Psychology Clinical Practice

My short term goal in life is to study towards a doctoral degree in Psychology at XXXX University. I want very much to attend XXXX University because I long to become part of this University's special effort to better understand multi-ethnic populations. I am a fully Social Services person, destined since early on to become a counselor because of my determination to help others. I am especially interested in being of service to America's largely Hispanic, immigrant population and I am an avid student of Spanish. I already hold a M.S. Degree in Counseling Psychology from the XXXX School at the University of XXXX and I have many years of work experience both in and out of the military, with both veterans and troubled youths, and I hope to make significant contributions in the future to our struggle against the enormously destructive power of addictions. As a woman who is herself part black, I am especially concerned with minority issues and my long term goal in life is to become a successful researcher who is able to make a major contribution to our understanding of minorities and mental health issues. I especially look forward to studying the rich cultural diversity of Miami and I want very much to study under the pupils of Dr. XXXX, so as to be able to rise to an especially accomplished level of socio-cultural sensitivity in clinical practice.

I feel strongly that my work experience makes me a strong candidate for your program. I recently spent 4 years struggling to educate juvenile sex offenders in the area of sexual education. I sometimes feel that this job was like going into battle, but I went to work each day with great joy in my heart to be alive and to have the privilege to help some of the young people in my community who are in need. I provided victim counseling services for a level eight locked facility for juvenile males with substance abuse problems, facilitated group counseling in anger and stress management and substance abuse, and both individual and family counseling. Much of my time was spent developing individualized treatment plans and discharge summaries. I want to thank you for considering my application to your program.


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