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MA Clinical Psychology, Intuitive Compassion

I hope to attend XXXX University this coming fall enrolling in the area of Clinical Psychology because I am especially excited by the holistic approach of your department. I feel strongly that my diverse undergraduate studies have provided me with an excellent foundation for graduate study in clinical psychology. I possess an ample supply of the myriad people skills that are of most fundamental importance to the clinical psychologist in terms of perceptual, interpersonal, and problem solving skills. I am a very diligent and attentive person who deeply cares for her fellowman; my family and friends frequently comment favorably on my intuitive compassion for others, which I believe stands at the forefront of becoming an excellent clinical psychologist. For me this is a spiritual as well as a professional calling, one which provides me as a mother and a homemaker with what I need in terms of professional outlet and contribution to my community.

Through graduate study at XXXX, I aspire to learn how to optimally understand, interpret, and apply cutting edge theory in clinical psychology. I am confident that XXXX  is the best environment for me to receive the intensive training that is necessary for me to have the professional skills that my future patients deserve.  After completing my studies, I plan to set up my own practice near my home with a special interest in parents and child mental health, beginning with infancy. On a personal as well as professional level, I seek to be a good example to my children and to inspire them with respect to higher education. It is my intense love for my children and family that drives, motivates, and inspires me for this career. My personal experiences and challenges in life have served as a basis for growth and preparation for a life of helping others who face similar challenges. An abused child with a failed first marriage, I quickly became stronger, more responsible, and a compassionate individual who has developed great hope in our ability to heal ourselves and each other.

I knew when I began college that I wanted to become a psychologist. This desire was greatly enforced by my own several years spent in therapy. My psychologist was truly concerned about my pain and helped me to grow strong again emotionally, and in very healthy directions. She provided me with a toolkit for life and helped me to better understand the gift of love. My loving grandmother has served me as a role model throughout these years; like her, I find true happiness in caring for others. This is why I have worked so hard to complete my undergraduate education despite my many responsibilities as a mother--juggling four boys yet finding the time to study and also search for financial resources to fund my education. Graduate school in psychology is my professional dream, so that I can become a professional mental health care provider.

I am proud of the fact that I currently hold a 3.85 GPA at the same time that I am raising my four boys and also making time for PT observations. This coming June, 2007, I will graduate from XXXX College here in N.C. with my B.A. in Psychology and a minor in business. My desire to help others professionally is complimented by the fact that my husband and I are involved in several community improvement programs, a local Community Vision Board as well as the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, a local summer camp for children of low income families, and charity benefits for United Way. I want to thank you very much for considering my application to XXXX University.

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