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PHD Computer Science, EE, Turkey

I am applying to your highly esteemed program at XXXU because I seek a state-of-the-art, research-oriented career in communications. I live primarily for the excitement of harnessing technology to the quest for ever more sophisticated personal and especially mobile communication. On a theoretical level, I am most attracted to the study of random process and probability. I believe I will be happy at XXXX University because your program offers what I most want from a graduate school: a strong faculty, a solid background, and a sophisticated atmosphere.

 I believe that my educational background and analytical abilities will enable me to excel at XXXU and make important contributions to the countless cutting-edge projects taking shape in your program. I completed my secondary education at the Science High School in my native Turkey, which provided me a strong base for a rigorous mathematical training as an undergraduate student in college. The Science High School is one of the most privileged institutions in Turkey, with students selected from the top first percentile of examinees nationwide. Its curriculum is designed to foster creative thought by allowing students to enrich their theoretical knowledge with research projects and experimental analysis that builds upon their own individual initiative.

 In 2002, I began my undergraduate studies in the Department of Electronics at Istanbul Technical University (ITU). One of the world's leading institutions of higher learning that is specifically dedicated to engineering education, ITU has a long and distinguished history educating engineers since 1773; it also selects admits only especially gifted students from the top one percentile of examinees taking the Turkish University Placement Exam. By the time I graduated, I had become especially devoted to applications of digital system designs, taking special delight in figuring out how logical circuits can be combined. I became adept not only at C but also VHDL programming. My graduation project dealt with the optimization of WIMAX based stations based on power requirements and geographical properties, an especially useful experience since today’s wireless technology is largely driven by WIMAX. I measured signal strength, corresponding modulation type, and coding rates according to geological environment, measuring link capacity thorough a built-in interface.

 After graduation, I joined the NETAS Telecommunication Company, a subsidiary of the European NORTEL Corporation, where I wrestled with signaling issues to establish reliable and sustainable network communication, working with the software that drives real time communication. After one year, I decided to return to academia, this time in America, at the University of South Florida, where I graduated with my Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering this past May of 2010. I chose the EE Program at XXXX because of its rigorous emphasis on communication, personal, mobile, digital, wireless, etc. Since graduation, I have continued to prepare myself for your doctoral program with additional advanced courses in Mathematics that are geared towards advanced research in Communications. I have experience serving as both a research and teaching assistant and I hope to be of service to XXXU in any way that will enhance our progress as an academic community on the cutting edge of tomorrow. I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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