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MSc Masters Computer Science UK, Literacy

Throughout my academic life, I have had different ideas about what career I would pursue in the future. In secondary school I wanted to become a pharmacist because of the high earnings. I later decided through careful consideration that I should keep my options open, hence choosing Chemistry, Biology, Computing and Mathematics at AS Level. Since then my interests have changed as a result of my experiences during the first year at college. I have found Computing interesting and exciting and it can lead to many professions. I have enhanced my computing and programming skills and I am certain that Computer science is the course for me. Studying A2 Computing will certainly consolidate my knowledge in this field and continuing Biology and Chemistry will serve as a backup if I wanted to join a different degree relating to those subjects.

My future career will most definitely be one associated with my degree, hopefully a programming or software designing profession However, a career in teaching may be an option if I decide otherwise.

I have developed my computer literacy and I have always enjoyed working in teams which would be expected of me if I pursued software design. I completed two weeks of work experience at Leicester City Council. This involved updating details in a database and doing general office tasks. This has given me a sense of realism about work and how it will affect my life.

As far as leisure activities go, I play a great deal of sport. I play indoor football on Saturday nights and outdoor during the summer. I also play badminton with my family occasionally. I have always been very keen on health and fitness and I am a regular visitor to the gym I intend to carry on these activities whilst conducting my studies. I read many novels at home and try to keep in touch with the news by reading papers, preferably The Guardian or The Independent.

I earnestly look forward, then, to a promising career in a computing- or history-related field and hope my studies at university will be productive both to me and to the large community of which I am a part of. Throughout my life, politics has always interested me. It is a vast subject that and one that thing that effects everyone's life. I have always been passionate about international as well as middle eastern politics.

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