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MS Engineering and Computer Science

I have been interested in problem-solving from a very young age, especially mathematics-related problems. The computer has been my home for many years and is where I feel most comfortable. It is where my heart is. Now that I have completed my bachelor's degree, I look forward to the new challenge of graduate school with especially keen anticipation. I see graduate school in Computer Science as a new level of growth where I can reach an advanced degree of professional ability that I will seek to refine for the rest of my life. My favorite undergraduate studies have included Software Engineering, Computer Graphics and Visualization, Human-Computer Interaction, Design and Analysis of algorithms, Computational Mathematics, and Formal Logic for use with artificial intelligence systems. My sphere of particular interest in Computer Science is comprised of the dynamic relationship between Software and Intelligence systems.

I am applying to study for an M.S. Degree in Engineering at the Department of Computer Science at the University of XXXX because I feel very strongly that this is the best location for continuing my studies. I look forward to directing access to the Department of Mathematics Statistical Consulting Service and its assistance with experimental design, data display and analysis, and the interpretation of findings related to statistical software engineering. I want to continue studying in Ohio, and your program ranks among the best.

I fervently believe that I am an excellent candidate for your program because I am an extremely dedicated worker who never ceases to explore cutting-edge technologies. I have solid analytical and problem-solving skills, and I am a team player looking forward to working with development teams to advance software procedures, methods, tests, and systems. I long to participate in advanced testing, planning, and scheduling to assure that software product are optimally efficient and fulfill the purposes for which they were developed. I have labored with algorithms and have mastered the basics of formal logic, always with an eye toward artificial intelligence. I especially look forward to working with the professors and other graduates in your highly esteemed program and I want to thank you for considering my application.

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